The High Line

Last week I had to do a video shoot in New York City in the afternoon. Commuting into New York is easy enough, but can sometimes be a headache when you need to be somewhere at a particular time. I decided to go in a little early and take a walk on The High Line beforehand.

NYC Highline

I had read online about the High Line and had even walked a few blocks one other time when I was in New York.

The video shoot was right at the start of the High Line on Gansevoort Street and Washington Street. They had stairs leading up and rules posted.

NYC Highline

The High Line was built between 1929 and 1934 to carry meat, produce and dairy products to warehouses and factories, while eliminating train crossings in Lower Manhattan. Later trucks were used more so eventually the High Line was shut down in 1980. Eventually the tracks were overgrown with plants. In 1999 they threatened to take down the High Line, but it was advocated that the structure be preserved and renovated. In 2002 the city of New York committed to transform the High Line into a park. In 2009 the High Line opened from Gansevoort to 20th Street. In 2011 20th to 30th Street opened and the final section at the Rail yards opened in 2014.

NYC Highline

The best part about the High Line is that they kept the integrity of the tracks. I think it’s amazing how they were able to put in a walking path, while also keeping the tracks and nature that grew around it.

NYC Highline

All along the path there are places to sit and relax. I can imagine this is a very popular place at lunch time and on weekends.

NYC Highline

At 16th Street there is an area that houses some food carts, shops and a restaurant. It was really early so nothing was open yet, but I hear the one place has awesome popsicles!

NYC Highline

I also love how open the High Line is. It’s like a walking tour of the buildings of New York without having to deal with street traffic.

NYC Highline

The organization that maintains the High Line is called Friends of the High Line. I saw a lot of workers out cutting the grass or checking on the path for problems. The High Line is also very easily accessible. There are elevators at six different locations. There are also other streets that just have stairs to get there.

NYC Highline

They are adamant that you stay on the walking path. They take a lot of pride making sure the plants and trees are taken care of. They have signs all over and even some small rope barricades. There is more than enough room though for people to walk, run or sit and relax.

NYC Highline

Some of the path is completely overgrown with trees. It is so pretty. It feels like you are walking through the woods right in the middle of New York!

NYC Highline

Throughout the path there are artist installations and murals on some walls. There was so much to look at I hated leaving.

I only went about 13 blocks on the High Line before I had to turn around to get to my video shoot. One day I think I will go back and walk the whole thing! Maybe even run it.

If you are ever in New York and want a nice place to walk without worrying about traffic, make sure you check out the High Line.


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