Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a great (long) Memorial Day weekend!

On Thursday my aunt dropped off her dog Bubba to stay with us while she was out of town.

Bubba Visit

It was a little weird having a dog in the house after so many years of not having one. (Our dog Sabrina died a few years ago) Bubba was very scared at first, but he eventually warmed up to the place and then decided he was master of the house.

On Friday I worked my butt off to get as much done as I could before the weekend.

Empty Inbox

It’s nice starting a long weekend off with no emails! I could relax without worrying about all the stuff I had to do at work the following week.

I have summer hours on Fridays now (until Labor Day) so I get out at 1:00pm. I drove home and picked up Cheryl (who also gets out early) and we headed down to Philly. We thought there would be less traffic on the Turnpike, but we hit a lot of other people leaving work early before the long weekend. We still got down to Philly by 4:00pm.

Our friend Kierstin just moved to a different part of Philly so we went to see her new place. She is also conveniently right down the street from a little Mexican place called Taco Riendo. She insisted I needed to try this delicious corn they make.

Taco Riendo

The corn was AMAZING! I also got chicken tostadas, but forgot to ask for it not spicy. I took one bite and knew if I ate any more I would be sick later so I boxed it up. I am glad I know what my stomach problem is now, but it really sucks when you can’t eat delicious foods because of it.

Friday night I went to see a play with Matt at the Bristol Riverside Theatre. The theatre is right on the river. It was so pretty and of course I forgot to take a picture! The play was called An Enemy of the People. It was a good production, but the main character really just didn’t know when to quit!

The next day we headed downtown to Franklin Square.

Franklin Square

It was such a nice day out! Then we decided to take a walk across the Ben Franklin Bridge. I didn’t even know there was a walking path!

Ben Franklin Bridge

The path is really nice. There were a lot of other people out walking or running. The bridge takes you over to Camden, but we didn’t go that far.

Then we headed down to our friend’s house to celebrate Eric and Mary’s birthday! I seriously had a birthday celebration every weekend in May.

We hung out at their house and also outside. We drank, ate and played games. It was a good time. We left around 10:00pm, but I thought it was so much later! Day drinking really gets to me.

The next day Cheryl and I headed up to Stroudsburg with Kier, Eric and his friends from college. One of our college friends was also celebrating his birthday so we tagged along. It was a weekend of adventures!

Not Your Fathers Root Beer

If you have not tried Not Your Father’s Root Beer you need to ASAP! It is delicious! I want to make a root beer float out of it soon.

My friends house is near Shawnee Mountain. He has a lot of land and even an old chicken coop!

Chicken Coop

I really wanted to sneak inside, but they told me I really shouldn’t. I guess it really didn’t look the safest.

We stayed there until later that night just hanging out and drinking and playing games. Then they had a bonfire.


I am more of an early Spring/Fall bonfire enthusiast, but it was still great.

Then yesterday I did absolutely nothing all day! It was amazing to just relax after a crazy weekend.

I did finish House of Cards and now I am starting Mad Men.

Hope everyone has a great (short) week!


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