Summer Bucket List

Happy Memorial Day!

Every year I feel like Memorial Day is the kick-off to summer. I always have big dreams for summer. It is my favorite time of year and I am going non-stop. Then September rolls around and I think about all the things I wanted to do, but sadly didn’t.

This year I have decided to compile a list of all the fun summer activities I want to do between now and Labor Day! I am hoping I can look back on this post in September and check every single thing off my list!

Summer Bucket List

So here are my top 10 (in no particular order) ideas. I didn’t include anything I already have planned, like our cruise.

1. Rock Out at an Outdoor Concert
In 2012 I bought the Country MegaTicket for the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden. We had a concert almost every other week that summer and I think it burned me out! I haven’t really been to many concerts the past few years, but I need to make sure I get tickets to something this year! Stacey has the MegaTicket for PNC and there are a few stadium concerts coming up. I just need to decide on one and go!

2. Spend Some Time at a Fair/Festival
I love going to state fairs. I have been to quite a few, but unfortunately we aren’t going to Wisconsin this summer. I think I want to try and find a new state fair or even local fair or festival. Then I will play dumb games for prizes I don’t want and eat funnel cake!

3. Day at the Beach
I love the beach. Not the water (Jaws ruined me for life), but definitely sitting in the sun relaxing on the beach. I barely have gone the past few years, but I am making it a point to go this year!

4. Flea Market Finds
I don’t know what it is about flea markets, but I love them. I am not a fan of garage sales (no I don’t want your old shoes for $3), but make it seem “vintage” and I am all over it. I really want to go to the Brooklyn Flea one weekend and try out Smorgasburg. I even found a new flea market in Philly called the Franklin Flea!

5. I’m On A Boat!
Yes I know a cruise is technically being on a boat, but I mean a smaller boat. I want to go boating on a lake or an inlet or something. I hate open bodies of water so I won’t go in unless you make me (or get me drunk), but I do like flying along in a boat.

6. Swim in a Pool
For years I wanted to build a pool in our backyard, but my parents always said no. Since I hate the ocean my main go-to for cooling off in the summer is a pool. I know a few people will swimming pools. I just need to convince them to let me use it.

7. Go to a Baseball Game (and tailgate)
Over the years I have really started to love baseball. I like the atmosphere, the game and definitely the tailgates. I have been to a minor league game this year, but it wasn’t technically summer yet and we didn’t tailgate.

8. Watch a Movie Under the Stars at the Drive-In
If you have never been to a drive-in movie you are missing out. My favorite is the Warwick Drive-In. I didn’t go last summer at all so this year I need to go back.

9. Hiking Adventure
I love being outdoors in the summer and one of the best ways to explore is to go hiking. We have gone a few times in the Catskills, but maybe I will try somewhere new.

10. See Fireworks
I don’t know what it is about fireworks, but they fascinate me. I love the finale the best. I guess I just don’t understand how they are made so watching them is mesmerizing. I need to make sure I see a fireworks show this year! Preferably on the 4th of July.

Well that’s my list! I couldn’t include camping because we are already going in July, but I am definitely looking forward to that too! I am realizing that every activity I mentioned involves being outside. What better way to enjoy the weather!

What’s your favorite summer activity?


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