Running at Ramapo Reservation

Now that it is nice out, I try to run outside as much as possible. It’s not always the easiest endeavor though. I should run before work, but getting up early has been difficult lately. I have a second job some nights so after work is also tough. That usually leaves me with my lunch break.

I usually run along the main road that my gym is on. I change and walk out the door. It’s a nice road, but sometimes it can be frustrating with traffic lights and cars. Recently my coworker told me about a local reservation she thought I might enjoy running at. Last week I decided to check it out!

Ramapo Reservation

The area is the Ramapo Reservation. It’s about a 10 minute drive from my work, but it was worth it.

I changed at work and headed there around 1:00pm. It was pretty hot out so I made sure to put on sunscreen. Luckily most of the trail is shaded by trees.


I wasn’t really sure how far the distance was around the lake so I started my run right out of the parking lot.

There is a short trail and then you cross over a bridge.

Ramapo Reservation

On the other side is the lake. You can either go straight (left) or to the right. I chose to go straight since most people were walking in that direction.

Ramapo Reservation

The path is made of dirt and gravel, but it was firm enough to run on.

The whole path runs around the edge of a beautiful lake.

Ramapo Reservation

Of course the direction I chose to run had me go up a pretty steep hill.

Ramapo Reservation

The trail continued to the right, but you could keep going up the hill to hike if you wanted to. A lot of the area had hiking trails off the main trail round the lake.

Ramapo Reservation

I loved running through the trees and having a break from the sun. It is a really pretty path.

There were a bunch of people out walking (even a few coworkers), but not overwhelming.

Ramapo Reservation

There is a lot to look at when you are running. There is even a small creek/river on the opposite side of the lake!

The path around was a little less than a mile, which meant I had to run around the lake 3 times to get 3 miles in. I also had to do a little back and forth near the parking lot.

Ramapo Reservation

I really liked the area and the scenery while running. I probably can’t do 3 miles at lunch again though. Between the drive there and then back to my gym to shower I was late getting back to work. I will definitely try to go there even to walk if I have nothing to do at lunch. I can even bring a blanket there and read outside when it is nice.

I can’t wait to go back again!


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