Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con

So last weekend I went down to Philadelphia to check out the Wizard World Comic Con.

Comic Con

I have always wanted to go to the San Diego Comic Con, but that is not happening any time soon. I figured with it so close by I might as well see what all the fuss is about!

Comic Con

The show itself was actually a lot larger than I thought it was going to be. It took up the entire convention center!

We started on the right side of the hall. It reminded me of all the trade shows I have to go to, but a lot more fun.

Comic Con

They had replicas of cars, but you had to pay to take pictures in them.

A lot of the booths on the right side of the hall were merchandise. They were selling comics (obviously), action figures, books, memorabilia and vintage toys. They also had some interesting booths to buy large ticket items like swords and light sabers. The price tags on some of the stuff was crazy!

There were also a decent amount of people cosplaying. I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures!

I knew that you could pay to meet actors. It was one price for autographs and another for photos. Autographs were between $30 and $50 depending on the actor. Photos were between $40 and $100. Then they had VIP experience pricing for $200 or more!

I didn’t realize the actors were out on the show floor signing autographs. A lot of people had long lines (Stephen Amell from Arrow and Ben McKenzie from Gotham)

Comic Con

Then there were sad people like Penn Badgley who had no lines.

Comic Con

The one person I really tried to get a glimpse of was David Tennant. Sadly his booth was pulled really far back and his line was out of control!

Comic Con

After all the merchandise booths was the best part, the artist area.

I don’t read comics, but I am a graphic designer so I have an appreciation for art. The one thing I cannot do (that I really wish I could) is draw freehand. I can draw on a computer, but give me a pencil and it’s stick figures!

I didn’t buy anything, but I saw a few artists who’s work I was obsessed with!

Dave Perillo
He was my absolute favorite artist! I love when people can take something and make it unique. I almost bought a few things, but stopped myself thinking I could get stuff online. Sadly most of his stuff isn’t online so I will have to go to another Comic Con again! Aren’t the colors he uses amazing!?!

Dave Perillo Disney

Dave Perillo Firefly WhoAndrew Heath
Andrew and Dave’s work use the same general technique, but this stuff is a lot simpler.

Andrew Heath Who

Andrew Heath Minion Camera

Angela McKendrick
I saw a lot of this modern, simplistic pieces all over the show. I really like the boldness of the fonts and the illustrations.

Angela McKendrick GOT Firefly

I really enjoyed Comic Con and I can definitely see myself going again!

Have you ever been to Comic Con?


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