West Point 10K

Last weekend my friends and I decided to run the West Point 10K in West Point, NY.

The race started at 8:30am. I had gone to get our packets the day before and decided we should leave early in case the security checkpoints were slow.

West Point 10K

We had to get out of the car and the whole thing was searched, but then we were allowed in.

The race was timed with old school timing chips you wrapped around your ankle with velcro.

West Point 10K

It was actually pretty cold and gloomy when we got there. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to run in my tank top, but I sucked it up.

My goal was to run a fast race. I have been working on my speed over the past few weeks and the weather was actually helpful since it wasn’t hot out.

The start was just everyone standing around waiting for them to tell us to go. There were only 179 people running the 10K and 237 running the 5K. We started at different parts of the parking lot, but ended in the same place.

West Point 10K

The race was very hilly. We started out on a hill and then went around a building up another hill. Then we passed back in front of the start and headed down by the Hudson River.

West Point 10K

The view was pretty nice, even for a foggy day.

West Point 10K

The buildings there were really old brick. The whole campus was beautiful.

West Point 10K

There were also a lot of monuments and historic military tanks.

West Point 10K

We ran through most of the campus and then hit a turnaround point and headed back. On one side was the river and on the other houses.

West Point 10K

They closed most of the roads, but some cars would randomly come through.

When I hit mile 5 I came around a corner and before me was a massive hill!

West Point 10K

I had been keeping a great pace up until this point so I knew I had to power through to finish with a good time.

I felt so bad for one guy pushing a double stroller. He looked miserable.

Finally I reached the top and there was an awesome statue.

West Point 10K

Then we ran past the stadium.

West Point 10K

Right past the stadium they had a fire truck spraying water. I always run with my phone so I steered clear of that!

West Point 10K

It definitely would have been more essential if it had been as hot as it was the day before. Luckily it wasn’t.

Then the rest of the race was all downhill!

West Point 10K

I finished with a time of 57:29! The crazy thing was I came in 103 out of 173 people and I had a 9:14 minute mile pace! Most of the other runners were really fast.

Everyone did awesome. I am so glad it was overcast. If it hadn’t been who knows how long it would have taken me with all those hills!

They had bagels, apples and water at the end. It was a really cute, small race that was well organized.

West Point 10K

Another race in the books! I need to sign up for more shorter races to work on my speed.

Did you run this weekend?


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