Hills…You Just Have To Get Over Them

Why do weekends go by so fast?!? I mean I love having fun stuff to do, but an extra day would be nice.

Friday started off with a prank on a coworker. It was not my idea, but I did help with the logistics of the stacking.

Boxes of Doom

We did help him clean it up this morning though. His reaction was priceless.

Friday night we went to Morristown to celebrate Rory’s birthday at Millie’s Old World Meatballs and Pizza. It was a surprise party and sadly Rory had to work late, but he loved the surprise and the food was delicious!

Rory Birthday

We didn’t stay out late because we had a 10K the next morning.

We decided on a whim to run the West Point 10K. It was a cloudy, foggy morning, but that worked in our favor.

West Point

The course was HILLS so many hills.

West Point

It was still a very pretty course and not a crowded run which was nice.

After the race we went home and got ready to head into Hoboken for Aaron and Christine’s housewarming party.


Their apartment is awesome! I loved that now we have adult parties (at first).

After we ate and drank at their house we headed to Pier 13.


The pier was nice. They have a bunch of food trucks and beer places. You can sit outside at tables or chairs they have and hang out with friends. Sadly it was pretty cold, but I borrowed a jacket so I was ok. It will be nice to go there again when it’s warmer out, but supposedly it’s REALLY crowded when it’s nice.

After the pier we walked to the Pilsner Haus beer garden. This is when my memory started getting hazy and the pictures started getting blurry.


The beer garden was packed! We snagged some tables (or parts of tables) outside. The one great, but also bad thing about the beer garden is the beers. They are usually pretty high alcohol content so you don’t need a lot.

Cheryl and I even tried a stein holding competition. We failed miserably, but we got a free beer!

Beer Garden

Day drinking really gets you! We took an Uber home around 11pm.

The next day I headed down to Philly for Comic Con with Matt.


I have always wanted to go to the Comic-Con in San Diego, but this one was much closer. My favorite part was the artist section. It really made me wish I could draw!

Sunday was also Mother’s Day. We got our mom a FitBit because all the cool kids have one and she has been trying to walk more.

Mothers Day

I even made her a fancy card. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama’s out there!


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