Here Comes the Sun!

It is officially May and FINALLY consistently nice out!

On Friday we had a Cinco de Uno lunch with my coworkers. Cinco de Mayo is actually this week, but the restaurants around us get crazy so we decided to go early. The restaurant we went to has AMAZING chips and salsa (free) and I ate a little too much. The fish tacos I had were really good, but I couldn’t finish them. No worries. I will be having more tacos this week!

Friday night Cheryl and I headed down to Philly. Cheryl had to do work when we got down there so instead of taking the (longer) back road route we took the turnpike. All of the construction that has been going on for years was finally cleaned up and it only took us an hour to get there! I have to remember that for the future. Even if the turnpike has tolls it is a better option when we are in a rush.

After we sat in Starbucks for a while so Cheryl could work we got dinner at Blue Duck Sandwich Co. I seriously love that place. We got wings to share and I got a lobster roll. Lots of seafood on Friday!

Food Friday

After dinner we met up with Matt and his friend Joe to see the new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. It was good, but a little long. I am also pretty bummed that a lot of the characters are leaving :(

Saturday was Matt’s birthday. We went to brunch in the morning and then headed to Neshaminy State Park. It was a gorgeous day out and the riverfront area was really nice.

Neshaminy State Park

We played frisbee and whiffle ball in the park and after headed back to Matt’s for a little to hang out and drink.

I found a dino friend in the kids park on the way back.

Neshaminy State Park

Later we all headed to the Camden Riversharks game. I have never been to Campbell’s Field even though I have been to the Camden waterfront a lot. That is where the Susquehanna Bank Center is where we go to concerts.

The game was a lot of fun. It’s minor league, but they still have pretty good players. There were also fireworks after the game!

Camden Riversharks

After the game we all went to a bar downtown called City Tap House. The bar was nice, but they had a weird band playing.

The whole day was a lot of fun. I was so glad we spent most of the time outside since it was so nice out!

The next day we got brunch at a whiskey bar called Lloyd’s. The food was really good. We sat outside though and I neglected to put sunscreen on. It’s that time of year for sunburns and horrible tan lines!

When Cheryl and I got home we decided we needed to put back up our backyard oasis!


At the end of last year we decided to take the fabric off and leave the frame up. It was fine over the winter. The floor tiles got dirty, but my mom cleaned them up. We also decided to get new outdoor furniture. The poang chairs we used last year were not meant for the outdoors.


Putting the fabric back onto the frame wasn’t too difficult since we labeled everything last year. The furniture was not the easiest to put together. Luckily we had ample amounts of beer!


It took a few hours, but we got everything put together! Now it’s time to enjoy all this nice weather :)


This week is supposed to be in the 70s and 80s. There will be a lot of outdoor running in my future!


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