Eating My Way Through New Orleans

One of the great things about New Orleans is the food. This trip we ate a lot of great food at a lot of amazing places. Here are my favorites!

New Orleans Food Review

Cafe Soule
Our first stop was Cafe Soule. The restaurant itself was really pretty. It is inside and old mansion. The house itself is supposedly haunted. Pretty much everything in New Orleans is.

Cafe Soule

I got the French Onion soup as my appetizer. It was good, but very peppery.

For my main dish I got the Shrimp & Eggplant Pierre. It was one of their signature dishes so I figured I needed to try it. It was delicious. I got full, but tried to finish it all. It’s a heavy dish with all the cream, but had excellent flavor.

Cafe Soule

All of the girls said their food was very good. The service was pretty slow, but the waiter was very apologetic. I think it was more the kitchen that was the problem.

What I Think: I really liked the food, but the service could have been a little better. A lot of the girls didn’t get their food until most of us were done. I know we were a large group, which is never the easiest to accommodate, but most of the stuff should have come out together. Definitely a good place to try that isn’t too expensive.

Cafe Du Monde
One of the most famous places is New Orleans is Cafe Du Monde. They are famous for their beignets and coffee.

Cheryl and I went early in the morning, in the rain, because we figured it would be less crowded. Were we wrong!

Cafe Du Monde

The line was all the way down the street! Cheryl stood in line so I could walk down and see why it was so long. Once at the front I realized it was the line to sit down. I went inside and asked about take out. One of there servers took my order and went to get it for me! I didn’t even have to wait in the takeout line.

Cafe Du Monde

Beignets are pretty much funnel cakes (a Jersey Shore staple), but they are really good. You get three per order. We also got coffee. The coffee was very strong, but helped wake me up!

Cafe Du Monde


What I Think: I love beignets. If you have never had them before make it a point to stop here. The take out is the best option since the line is always shorter. They are open pretty late so you can even get some for a late night snack!

Court of Two Sisters
We went for brunch at the Court of Two Sisters the last time we were in New Orleans and loved it! They have a jazz brunch buffet. I personally love buffets. It’s a great way to try a lot of local dishes.

Court of the Two Sisters

There are a lot of history at the restaurant. The decor has a lot of relics, which I love.

Court of the Two Sisters

The best part is there is a jazz band! They roam around the restaurant (there are a lot of rooms) playing authentic jazz music.

Court of the Two Sisters

They have a variety of foods to choose from! You can get made-to-order omelettes or eggs benedict (I got seafood eggs benedict) plus there is a huge selection of hot and cold dishes.

Court of the Two Sisters

I tried a little bit of everything. I love that they have crawfish! I had to remember how to eat them, but they are a local favorite.

Court of the Two Sisters

There is also a great outdoor area. If it had not been raining we probably would have sat outside. It is so pretty!

Court of the Two Sisters

What I Think: I am a huge fan of this jazz brunch. It is a great way to get to try a lot of local dishes, without fully committing to them. They have almost anything you can think of and it’s not overly expensive!

Olde Nola Cookery
After the swamp tour we got dinner at the Olde Nola Cookery. They had great reviews and it said it was a local favorite. If people from New Orleans love it then it must be good!

Olde Nola Cookery

I am surprised it wasn’t crowded on a Saturday night, but that was good for us.

The menu had Gator Bites and after being on the swamp tour I figured it would be interesting to try. We also got oysters for an appetizer. I got a catfish po boy for dinner.

Olde Nola Cookery

What I Think: The gator bits were good. They tasted like jerk chicken. The oysters were good too. My po boy was ok. I wish I could get the fish grilled and not fried, but then it wouldn’t be a po boy. It was a lot of food for a great price. I couldn’t finish it all!

Johnny’s Po-Boys
Right before we left New Orleans we decided to grab food for the airport. I looked online for the best place to get a mufaletta sandwich. Johnny’s Po-Boys came up on the Food Network so we decided to go there.

We ordered two mufaletta sandwiches to go. The girl handed us a bag and we headed out. It wasn’t until we got to the airport that we realized how massive the sandwiches were!

Johnny Po Boy

Each sandwich was as big as my hand! Cheryl and I split one at the airport. There was also a crazy amount of garlic spread on it. I had to take most of it off because it was so overpowering!

What I Think: For size this sandwich was #1, but I wasn’t a fan. The garlic spread on it was over the top. I couldn’t eat it without my eyes watering. The rest of the sandwich was good though. I am glad I tried one of the famous sandwiches.

New Orleans has some amazing food. Make sure you try local spots and not chain restaurants while you are there! You don’t want to miss out!


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