Breweries Across the U.S.

Great news! I do not have Celiac Disease!

Recently I have been having stomach issues. A lot of the times it was happening when I was drinking beer. My doctor had me take a celiac panel and it came back negative! I was very happy about that because I love beer (and bread). Just the thought of having to remove it from my life made me sad. I still don’t know what my stomach problem is, but I am just glad I can keep on drinking beer.

The other day I saw this great post on Buzzfeed. It is the 29 places in the U.S. every beer lover must visit. I LOVE visiting breweries and also drinking craft beers. It’s just something about drinking a beer in a brewery atmosphere! I also love beer flights. I like to try a bunch of different beers to see which one I like and flights are the best way to do that.

29 Places Every beer loves must visit

Going through the list I realized I need to step up my brewery game! There are SO MANY places that look amazing. I need to keep this list handy next time I am traveling.

I have been to giant corporate breweries and also small local places. Some are on this list, some aren’t, some I am visiting soon and there are a lot of places that are VERY small that I don’t even remember their name.

Here is the list of breweries in the U.S. I have been to!

MillerCoors – Milwaukee, WI


Miller was the first brewery I ever visited in 2006. My uncle (now retired) worked there so we always got personal tours. I have taken the Miller Brewery tour 5 or 6 times. It never ceased to amaze me how much beer they produce!

SweetWater Brewing Company – Atlanta, GA


SweetWater is by far one of my favorite craft beers. We went to the brewery on a warm weekend afternoon. They had tastings and a live band! The fact that the beer is impossible to get up by me helps with my love for it. When I do get a chance to drink some it’s a treat!

Long Trail Brewing Company – Bridgewater Corners, VT

Long Trail

I wish I had more time to sit and enjoy Long Trail. We went at the end of the night when we were in Vermont. The beer was great and I loved the flight in a muffin tin! The sampler checklist was great too. I could remember what beers I had and also rate them!

Brooklyn Brewery – Brooklyn, NY


We went to Brooklyn Brewery last year for Ray’s birthday. We got there early and spent the whole day drinking, eating and playing games. It is a great place to go with friends on the weekend, but go early! Tables get snatched up fast!

Samuel Adams – Boston, MA

Sam Adams

You would think that Sam Adams would be a corporate tour, but it’s not. The brewery in Boston is actually quite small. They use it to develop new beer flavors so there are only a few small vats. You get to drink a decent amount of beer though!

Anheuser-Busch – St. Louis, MO

Anheuser Busch

Another corporate brewery I have visited is Anheuser-Busch. I really dislike Bud products, but we still had to check the place out. The tour was ok, but obviously a lot different than the tours we took at Miller. Watching beer pass by on a conveyor belt gets old after 2 minutes.

Guinness – Dublin, Ireland


Guinness is not in the U.S., but I had to mention it!

Even though it was raining when we were in Ireland we made sure to stop at Guinness. The brewery tour was really not so much a tour as a museum. You didn’t really get to see the beer being made, but you learned about it. At the top was the bar where you got your free Guinness! Sadly they were packed when we went so we did not get shamrocks in ours :(

So according to this list I have only been to 2 worth-while breweries! What!?!

I am going on a brewery crawl in a few weeks and I know we will be going to Ommegang. That’s one more on the list!

I can predict a lot more road trips in my future.

What is your favorite brewery?


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