Furious 7

The Fast and Furious movie franchise is one of my favorites. I am not really a car person, but I love action movies. These movies have action and also (I personally think) great character development. They really make you care about the characters.

Last week I went to opening night of Furious 7 with my friends. First we pre-gamed and watched Fast & Furious 6. We had to drink Coronas!

Fast and Furious

The movie itself started playing at 7:00pm. We opted for the 10:15pm IMAX showing and it was PACKED! I assumed it would be crowded, but the place was crazy.

In case you don’t know, the Fast and Furious franchise is made up of 7 movies, with Furious 7 being the most recent and possibly last.

The Fast and the Furious came out in 2001. It introduced Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) as a street racer, ex-convict, mechanic/deli owner. He had a girlfriend Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and sister Mia (Jordana Brewster). Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) is an undercover FBI agent who falls for Mia. The plot of the movie is Dom and his crew keep hijacking trucks of electronic equipment. Brian worms his way into their “family” and is eventually outed as being a cop. In the end though he turns his back on the FBI and lets Dom escape. The original movie was the start of it all. I still don’t even know if this world of street racing is as crazy as they depict it!

The second movie (2 Fast 2 Furious) came out in 2003 and introduced Roman (Tyrese Gibson). The only original character from the first movie was Brian O’Connor. To be honest I never saw this one!

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift came out in 2006 and supposedly occurs AFTER Furious 7? I never saw this movie either. It does introduce Han (Sung Kang) to the series though.

In 2009 Fast & Furious brought back all of the original cast (plus a few new faces). It revolves around Dom and his crew in the Dominican Republic. In this movie Dom’s girlfriend Letty is killed. Dom and Brian try to track down the drug dealer that was involved in her death. In the end Dom is finally arrested and sent to prison.

Fast Five came out in 2011 and picks up at the end of the last movie. Dom is broken out of prison and is hunted down by agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson). This movie has the most epic fight scene between Dom and Hobbs. They take down walls! Brian finds out Mia is pregnant and in the end it is Hobbs that lets everyone go free, but he says he is giving them a head start until he catches them.

Fast and Furious 6 came out in 2013. This movie also picks up right after Fast Five. Hobbs approaches Dom and his crew to help take down Shaw (Luke Evans). He also lets them know that Letty is alive! They travel to London where they discover Letty was in a car accident and lost her memory. She still knows how to drive though and is working with Shaw. They take down a plane! The action in this movie was over the top, but amazing at the same time. At the end Gisele dies, but Letty returns with Dom and his crew to the US. They knew they were going to make another movie so they left it at a cliff-hanger with Han getting into a car accident in the end and Shaw’s brother (Jason Statham) letting Dom know he is after them.

Which brings me to my review of Furious 7!

One very sad aspect of this new movie is that the lead actor, Paul Walker, was killed in a car accident before the movie was done filming. I didn’t even know if they were going to continue with it for a while. It was very tragic and the cast (who was like family) were devastated. In the end they did finish making the movie. Paul’s brothers helped by stepping in and acting out his role. They used computer animation to put Paul’s face on them. The stuff they can do with computers is crazy!

Furious 7 picked up right at the end of Fast and Furious 6. Han is killed by Shaw’s brother and he is now after everyone else. He breaks into Hobbs’ office and seriously injures him. He sends a bomb to Dom’s house and almost kills him, Brian, Mia, and their son Jack. A new agent Frank Petty (Kurt Russell) recruits Dom and (what’s left of) his crew to rescue a hacker named Ramsey. He says once they rescue her they can use her software called God’s Eye to track down Shaw. Not only are they being hunted by Shaw, but now they have to deal with the mercenaries that have Ramsey.

This movie has A TON of action. Cars “jumping” from skyscrapers, being dropped out of helicopters, people being “passed” between high speed moving cars. It’s all a little too much, but any fan of the franchise knows to check reality at the door. There was not enough Dwayne Johnson for me though. He is in the beginning and makes an amazing ending battle scene, but his character is too funny to keep out of most of the movie. The special effects and stunts are top-notch as always. The tribute to Paul Walker at the end was also very sad, but a great way to pay tribute to him. All in all I think it was a good movie. Definitely go see it if you have liked the previous movies or really like action!

What is your favorite Fast and Furious franchise movie?


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