Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

Holidays are wonderful and horrible all at the same time. I love spending time with family, but I hate the rushed feeling I have. It’s never relaxing.

This weekend was no different. I had an amazing time, but I am exhausted today.

On Friday my cousin’s from Florida came to visit for my cousin Steve’s 45th birthday. His wife Patty wanted to surprise him with a family party. My entire day off of work on Friday was spent running around getting stuff for the party. Patty had sent a bunch of decorations to my cousin Chrissy’s house. I had to go get food, balloons and other odds and ends. It didn’t help that a lot of other people were also off on Friday so the stores were packed!

We did a casino themed party. They did an awesome job decorating. The balloons were also a hit with the kids. I always forget how loud little kids can be when you get them all together.

Family Party

Steve was really surprised and the party turned out great.

Family Party

There was even a cake fight towards the end of the night! Steve started it…

Family Party

Around 11:30pm I was beat. I was baffled that all the kids were still going strong, but I had to go to bed. It was a great night with my family. I wish all my family lived closer so I could see them more often.

On Saturday, Cheryl and I took our mom shopping. She needed a dress for an upcoming wedding so we went to Lord & Taylor. We helped her get a dress, but then I wanted to go to TJ Maxx so I could actually shop for clothes that were not so expensive! My mom even went out and got a new patio set for the gazebo in the backyard. Once we get the house painted we have to put it back up again.

On Saturday night we headed to the bar in Lyndhurst for night two of Steve’s surprise parties. Saturday night was with his friends. Cheryl and I went and Steve was surprised again! Miller Lite’s were also $4 so a good time was had by all!

Bar Party

Sunday morning I slept until 9:50! That is quite an accomplishment for me since I can never sleep in anymore. Getting home at 2am and drinking heavily probably helped a little.

Cheryl had promised Spenser that she would run a 12 mile training run with him. He is doing a half marathon next weekend. I was going to go, then backed out last minute. I decided instead to break in the new Brooks shoes Cheryl got me from work. 12 miles in new shoes would have been a horrible idea. Instead I did 5.5 around the neighborhood. The shoes felt great and the weather was beautiful!


I love that the trees are getting buds on them!

After my run I helped my mom get ready for Easter dinner. Because our family is so large we usually break off into smaller groups on holidays. For Easter my Aunt Gloria and Uncle Fred came over for dinner and then Danny, Jenn and AJ came over later for dessert. They got us a chocolate bunny and I could not resist!


I hope everyone had a great weekend (whatever holidays you celebrate). This week is supposed to be very rainy. Bring on the April showers as long as it’s also warm out!

What is your favorite kind of chocolate?


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