Instagram Updates – March 2015

The majority of my Instagram pictures from March had to do with snow. I cannot believe how much it snowed in one month! I am pretty sure it snows just as much every year around March, but this year really got me. All I want is warm weather.

What Blizzard

March started off with snow AND ended with it. Let’s hope April is a snow-less month!

Instagramming March

March started off with snow and a LONG ride home. People really forget how to drive when it precipitates. I celebrated one year of Crossfit! I still don’t feel like I am strong, probably because I still cannot do a pushup, but I am getting there. Then there was more snow. We did a Doctor Who painting and wine class and we went to see If/Then (twice). The weather got nice enough for me to run outside without a jacket, but after St. Patrick’s Day it went to shit again. I had my free first day of Spring Rita’s in the snow! I headed to AC with my friends for Beerfest, worked a lot, ran a lot and wished the snow would go away.

I have a really good feeling April is going to turn things around. Good things are happening and I hope they stay that way!

Did you play an April Fools’ Joke on anyone?


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