Project Life 2015 – Week 11

How is it still cold this late into March?!?

I guess it’s always like this, but the fact that it is spring and still this cold makes me so sad. SPRING WHERE ARE YOU!?!

Project Life Page 28-29

Project Life Page 28

Project Life Page 29

This week we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at work. They didn’t get Irish beer AGAIN. We drank all the beer anyway, but a Guinness would have been nice. It SNOWED on the first day of Spring here in the Northeast. That did not stop me from getting my FREE Rita’s though. Cheryl helped me update my online portfolio. It looks so pretty now! We headed down to the Atlantic City Beerfest. I drank for about an hour before my stomach started to act up :( I rallied later that night and went back out for a little. There were drunk crazies everywhere! The next day we shopped at the outlets, had a great brunch and then headed home. I see doctor’s appointments in my future!

Hope everyone had a great week! Happy Friday!


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