Painting with a Twist – Doctor Who Starry Night Tardis

I really have to applaud the person who thought up these painting and drinking classes.

The class is set up so that anyone can participate and if you find yourself to not be artistic then you can blame the ample amounts of booze you consume while making your painting masterpiece!

I have been to two other Painting with a Twist classes, both in Philadelphia. This class was different because it was the first class I took only because of the picture we would be painting.

Painting with a Twist

I am a big fan of Doctor Who. When Kierstin sent me the link to the page I knew I had to go!

Painting with a Twist

We got there a little early so we could get canvases near the front together. We also picked up some beer and snacks. Oddly enough we were the only ones that drank during the class. The whole point of this place is to drink and paint!

Painting with a Twist

We started by making the outline of our Tardis in yellow. I messed up the lines a little, but our instructor Anthony said we would be painting dark colors over the top so it was ok.

Painting with a Twist

Next we filled in the rest of the canvas with dark blue. After the blue was painted in we mixed the blue with a little white and made circles where our bursts would be later.

Painting with a Twist


Painting with a Twist

Next we filled in the Tardis with a lighter blue color. After, we defined the edges with black. You can still see the yellow mistake lines I made.

Painting with a Twist

Next we made panels on the front and defined the windows. Then we used a lot of white. We mixed white and blue to make a lighter blue to shade the Tardis. We made the dome light on top and all of the bursts all over the canvas. On top of the white we used yellow and then a lighter blue all around the bursts and wave. I made sure to cover up the mistake yellow lines as much as possible. I also added a few other lines to define certain areas of the Tardis.

Painting with a Twist

Cheryl and I even wore some Doctor Who shirts for the occasion! #nerdalert

Painting with a Twist

I think all of our paintings came out great! I love that everyone follows step by step directions, but all the paintings are unique.

These classes are a lot of fun and I am pretty sure anyone can do them. If a perfectionist like me can enjoy herself you can too! Check out their Instagram with other paintings @PWATPhilly

Have you ever been to a painting and wine class?


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