Disney Animation Academy

It seems crazy that even though I have been to Disney A LOT over the past few years, I still have not done everything there.

During my most recent trip to Disney I was introduced to the Animation Academy in Hollywood Studios.

Animation Academy

A few of us had Toy Story Midway Mania fast-passes, but a few didn’t. While Cindy, Stacey and Spenser waited on line we decided to stop by Animation Academy until it was our turn to ride.

The class fills up pretty fast, but they aren’t too long so if you miss one you can just wait for the next one.

Animation Academy

Everyone gets their own light board, paper and pencil. I loved that the light board was in the shape of Mickey!

We also got to choose (by show of hands) what character we wanted to draw.

Animation Academy

I picked Dopey and he won!

I had a little anxiety when the teacher said there were no erasers! I am a perfectionist so not being able to fix a mistake was daunting to me.

Animation Academy

We started by drawing some circles on the paper. These we needed to draw lightly. These circles helped us measure the distance and length of all the other lines we drew.

The beginning of the class was great. He slowly went through each step and projected what he was doing on a large wall in the front of the class. Once we got further along, he unfortunately started to go crazy fast. I know that the class is a specific amount of time, but I was freaking out at the end. He was drawing line after line and his hand was in the way so I couldn’t see what he was doing and BAM he was done! He took his drawing away quickly to a lot of protests. I was able to keep up for the most part.

Animation Academy

I think it came out pretty great!

The end where he rushed was doing his hat and collar at the bottom. I don’t know if mine is correct, but I think it looks good no matter what.

Animation Academy

I think all our drawings came out pretty great, but mine is the best obviously :)

I think I am going to erase the circle lines that we used as guides and frame it!

Have you ever taken a Disney Animation Academy class?


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