March Stitch Fix

Sadly I was pretty disappointed with my Stitch Fix this month.

Stitch Fix is online personal shopping. You fill out a style profile and every month you get a new box of 5 items sent just for you by a personal stylist. It costs $20 a month, but that is deducted from whatever you buy from the box. You also get a discount if you decide to purchase everything in the box.

They just announced that they are now offering petite sizes and maternity clothes! They just need a men’s box and they are set!

Sia Floral Embroidery Peasant Top

The first item I saw was this Sia Floral Embroidery Peasant Top and I really liked the material. I thought it would be really cute to wear on our cruise this summer. Unfortunately it was really big on me. I also didn’t like the pattern on the front. I think it framed my body weird. The price tag of $58 wasn’t horrible, but I didn’t love it so I sent it back.

Lexis Henley Knit Top

Next I tried on the Lexis Henley Knit Top. I loved the print as soon as I saw it, but the fit was so odd! It was really long in the front, but not the back. The sides were also really high and it was really loose on me. I wish the cut was different because the pattern was so cute and it was only $48! Sadly I sent it back.

Penny Metal Fringe Necklace

I get that most necklaces are supposed to make a statement, but this Penny Metal Fringe Necklace was too much on me. I look like I am wearing a sun on my neck! It was $44 and really well made, but not for me.

Hillary Skinny Jean

Next was a pair of Hillary Skinny Jean in grey. They fit, but not well. They were also $164! No offense, but who pays that much for such average pants? The only little “extra” they had was a zipper on the ankle. Not for me!

James Laser Cut Dress

My last item I loved as soon as I saw it! The James Laser Cut Dress was an amazing color and I loved the pattern at the bottom. Sadly it was too big and also too long. If it was less than $78 I might have considered just keeping it, but I can’t keep things that don’t fit.

So unfortunately I did not keep a single thing from my fix this month. It sucks because I thought the $20 styling fee would be credited to my account. Unfortunately it only applies to each shipment so I am out $20.

Now that they have petite sizes I am hoping that the dresses they send me from now on fit me better.

I noticed that every month I have a different stylist too. I am going to see if there is a way to get the same stylist every month. The girl who sent my my January fix was amazing! I loved every single thing. I would assume that each stylist would stay with each customer so they could learn all their little quirks and what they like/hate.

Here is hoping next month is better!

Any pieces you would have wanted sent to you in the mail?


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