Disney Crystal Palace Review

Character dining is a big thing in Disney. Not only do you get food, but you have characters come directly to your table to interact with you and take pictures.

One particular character breakfast has been on my bucket list for a while. We finally snagged a reservation at Crystal Palace on my most recent Disney trip.

Crystal Palace Review

We had an 8am reservation so we got to go into Magic Kingdom before the park opened.

Crystal Palace Review

We checked in and then waited outside. The staff came out to welcome us and then called people in group by group. They seemed a little disheveled doing it so I am not sure if it’s something new.

Crystal Palace ReviewInside there were awesome flower sculptures. The whole room was set up for a Friendship Day Celebration.

We sat down at our table and our waiter took our drink order. Then it was off to the buffet!

Crystal Palace Review

Early reservations are the best. Fresh food!

Crystal Palace Review

They had Mickey waffles, bagels, fruit then a whole hot food section with hash browns, eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy and some new interesting things.

Crystal Palace Review

I had to get the Mickey waffle and of course biscuits and gravy. I also love bacon. I mean who doesn’t?

Crystal Palace Review

Then Tigger came over! I showed him my backpack and then we took pictures. He was a little handsy in the morning, but he was hysterical.

Crystal Palace Review

My next plate I got something called breakfast lasagna and let me tell you it was amazing! If you ever go get the breakfast lasagna.

Crystal Palace Review

Then Piglet and Eeyore stopped by. It was hard to get group pictures because their human friends kept walking away. We all got individual pictures though.

Crystal Palace Review

Then the big cheese stopped by. Pooh even took a selfie with me!

The whole breakfast was so much fun. I love breakfast so a buffet was even better. I loved that I got to eat and take pictures with my favorite characters. The food was also delicious so it was a win all around!

They also serve lunch and dinner so I might have to go back and try another meal there!

Have you ever eaten at Crystal Palace?


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