T-Rex Restaurant Review

I love dinosaurs.

I mean I don’t wish they were still around because, well then we wouldn’t be, but they are fascinating.

While on my most recent trip to Disney I went to the T-Rex Restaurant in Downtown Disney.T-Rex Restaurant Review

We got there and checked in for our reservation. You MUST have a reservation pretty much anywhere in Disney.

T-Rex Restaurant Review

While Cheryl and Kristen waited in line we headed to the bar.

My stomach was starting to hurt a little, so I though something with mint might help. I tried the mango mojito. It was delicious!

T-Rex Restaurant Review

I loved the decor all over the restaurant. I saw this amethyst in the wall. It’s my birthstone!

T-Rex Restaurant Review

The whole restaurant is covered in dinosaurs. Every few minutes they come to life! They would roar and move around. I was like a little kid staring at them.

T-Rex Restaurant Review

We got to sit in the ice cave. It was cool. The walls changed colors every few minutes. It was a little hard to see, but I liked it.

T-Rex Restaurant Review

All around the restaurant were different dinosaurs.

T-Rex Restaurant Review

Our waitress even drew a little dinosaur on our bill!

T-Rex Restaurant Review

Roar! T-Rex is my favorite.

I was sick and didn’t eat at the restaurant so I can’t comment on the food, but the food there DID NOT make me sick. All my friends said the food was really good.

I really liked the restaurant. It was one of those “tourist trap” type places, but the prices weren’t bad and the portions were a good size. It was kind of like Rainforest Cafe, but better because…well..dinosaurs!

Have you ever eaten at T-Rex?


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