Kill Refurb Marry – Watching the World Go By

It’s that time of the month again!
Another Kill Refurb Marry blog hop from Estelle and Melissa!


This was actually a pretty difficult topic for me because I rarely stop in Disney. It is a go-go-go trip for me. I have never just sat around the Fountain of Nations at Epcot. I always feel like I need to be doing something or going somewhere when I am in Disney. Thinking about this topic though has really made me realize I need to stop and sit every once in a while to really take in everything around me.

This post is going to be more of places I like slowly walking through. That counts right?

Adventureland near The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Am I the only one that hates that damn camel? I really love the marketplace feel of Adventureland, but I hate getting squirted by water every time I pass that camel! I feel like I am always passing by at the worst time. Not only are there kids everywhere hoping to get sprayed, but the ground is soaking wet all day long. In the summer I guess it is ok, but the congestion and nuisance of the camel makes me hate walking through this part of the park.

Gaston’s Tavern Fountain area

Gastons Tavern

I really love New Fantasyland and I have loved the Beauty and the Beast area since it opened. Gaston’s Tavern has good food and I am a fan of LeFou’s Brew. I just wish there were more places to sit here. Outside there are a few random tables (that are usually full). I have sat around the base of the fountain before, but the smallest gust of wind sends water spraying all over you. Throw a few more benches in here and you have a great place to relax!

Germany Pavilion in Epcot

Germany Pavilion

Is it sad that my favorite spot has to do with alcohol? I really love walking around the World Showcase in Epcot, especially when it is nice out. If you have never had the grapefruit beer in Germany you must stop by the next time you are there. Right near the outdoor bar kiosk is a little deck area. Last time we were in Disney we all hung out looking out over the water and at all the ducks swimming. It was very relaxing.

Well I hope you enjoyed my selections for this month’s Kill Refurb Marry. You can see what are some other favorites here.

Where is your favorite place to watch the world go by?


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