Disney Princess Half Marathon and Glass Slipper Challenge

Disney Princess Half Marathon

So on Sunday we woke up crazy early again, but this time to run the Princess Half Marathon!

Luckily the weather was cooperating and it was a lot warmer. We got there early, danced and took a picture with Merida from Brave.

My friend Spenser wanted to run as a princess so I helped him make a Cinderella costume. He got so many compliments on it AND he was in a Buzzfeed article! (He’s #5)

Disney Princess Half Marathon

Soon enough it was time to head to the corrals.

Disney Princess Half Marathon

A lot more people run the half marathon so the corrals are in a different place than the 10K. It’s a bit of a walk so we headed over early.

Jill and I have been training at a faster pace so we started in Jill’s corral (F). Cindy also started with us. Cheryl, Kristen and Spenser started in a later corral. It was Kristen and Spenser’s first half marathon!

Disney Princess Half Marathon

We hung out in the corrals for a while and attempted to get enough reception to post pictures. Soon the fireworks were started and we were slowly walking to the front.

Once we started the first mile was the highway. It was a less congested start than the day before, but unfortunately my leg warmers did not want to stay up so I just pushed them down and ran. I made sure to pull them up for pictures though!

Disney Princess Half Marathon

The first characters we saw were the pirates (and Jack Sparrow) at the pirate ship along the road. The line was pretty long so we moved on. We decided to stop at the princes next. I know the line is always longer in the beginning and you pass them again on your way back out of Magic Kingdom, but we decided to stop anyway. Hey boys!

Disney Princess Half Marathon

Next we ran into Magic Kingdom. Near the track we saw Venellope from Wreck it Ralph and then all the villains, but that line was CRAZY long.

I love going through the Magic Kingdom gates. There was a huge group of drummers there. Then after that we run along the road by The Contemporary. That road is always dangerous because half the road stays open so it’s pretty crowded. I usually run in the grass to avoid twisting my ankle.

Before we knew it we were at mile 5 and heading into Magic Kingdom. I told Jill to enjoy it because it is so fun running down Main Street towards the castle.

Buzz Lightyear was in Tomorrowland and I was expecting to see Alice near the teacups.

Disney Princess Half Marathon

Instead we saw Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum! I had to stop and Jill was my twin stand-in.

I was pretty bummed when we ran into Fantasyland and there was not a single princess. When I had done the race two years before they had every princess at that point in the race. It was awesome, but alas the only people in Fantasyland was Anna, Elsa and Kristoff and they were up in the castle.

Disney Princess Half Marathon

Jill aka Olaf still took a picture with them though.

We headed through the castle and I saw a little line, but I didn’t know what it was for. I later learned there was a jumping picture you could do there. Instead we headed down to the front of the castle to take a picture and then headed into Frontierland.

Disney Princess Half Marathon

When I came around the corner I was crossing my fingers Woody would be there and he was! Howdy partner!

Then we headed out of the Magic Kingdom. We saw Aurora on the parade float near the exit, but we didn’t stop. Then we headed along the back road. This part is also very tight, but it was getting hot at this point so we just ran the pace of everyone around us instead of trying to weave through.

Next we were on the road behind the Grand Floridian and we saw Mary Poppins, Bert and the penguins. We kept going, but stopped when we saw the Genie.

Disney Princess Half Marathon

Next was the Gu aid station. I was feeling pretty great so I decided not to take my Gu, but Jill grabbed one. A volunteer said there was a water station right after. It’s so much easier to take a Gu with water so I told Jill let’s run to the water station. Well the volunteer lied. The water station was almost a whole mile away!

At this point we were back on the highway (opposite side) we ran into Magic Kingdom. We passed the princes and then the pirates. It was hot and sunny so we took a break and took a picture with Jack Sparrow.

Disney Princess Half Marathon

At mile 10 we saw a sign on the highway. Kristen took the best picture with it.

Disney Princess Half Marathon

The next few miles were a little rough. It was starting to get really hot and it was mostly highways. Finally we got to Epcot. We saw Princess Sofia when we first got inside and then the Fairy Godmother.

Disney Princess Half Marathon

We looped around in Epcot and then headed back out to the finish!

Disney Princess Half Marathon

Two races in two days complete!

We got our food and water and then headed to the parking lot. Soon we were all finished!

Disney Princess Half Marathon

First half marathon!!

Disney Princess Half Marathon

The race was awesome, but I was bummed there weren’t many princesses on the course.

Disney Princess Half Marathon

After we rested for a little we headed to Epcot to meet up with Stacy.

Disney Princess Half Marathon

Disney Princess Half Marathon

I love that all my friends are runners!

Have you ever run a Disney race?


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