Disney Princess Half Marathon Costumes – Jessie and Meg

Princess Half Marathon Costumes

I get that we were running the Princess Half Marathon, but there are a lot of female Disney characters that are awesome and not necessarily “princesses”.

One costume I had always wanted to run in was Jessie from Toy Story. I mean my name is Jessi, I love country music and I love Jessie because she is awesome. Cheryl has always wanted to run as Meg from Hercules. She is sassy and bad-ass and Hercules is my favorite Disney movie.

Princess Half Marathon Costumes

We started Cheryl’s costume with one piece of purple fabric. We pinned the sides and fitted it to Cheryl. Then we added straps and gold buttons. We got a light, airy fabric so it would swoop and fold. After we fit the sides and top we cut it so the bottom was diagonal.

Princess Half Marathon Costumes

We bought shiny darker fabric for the sash. We couldn’t find a giant gold button so we painted a cardboard circle gold and attached it.

Princess Half Marathon Costumes

For my Jessie costume I bought a white tech shirt and cut it into a tank top. Then I bought jean fabric and made a skirt. I put elastic in the top and then added a cow print to the bottom of the skirt.

Princess Half Marathon Costumes

Next I cut out and sewed on yellow fabric to the top. I added little strips of white for a collar and then used red puff paint to draw the design on. Then I added two white buttons on the front.

Princess Half Marathon Costumes

I cut out a thick strip of brown fabric and attached it to the top of my skirt. Then I cut out an oval of yellow fabric for the buckle. I attached everything to the actual skirt so I wouldn’t have to worry about anything moving around or riding up.

Princess Half Marathon Costumes

I was dreading running in a cowboy hat for 13 miles because they are heavy. Luckily I found this brown foam hat in the kids section at Joann Fabric. I just spray painted it red. After it dried I used scissors to loop in white rope all around the top of the hat.

Princess Half Marathon Costumes

I also made yellow arm cuffs and cow print leg warmers! I think this may be one of the best costumes I have made!

And the best part…

Princess Half Marathon Costumes

Both Hercules and Woody were on the course for us to take pictures with! We really lucked out during these runs!

Who is your favorite female Disney character?


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