Disney Enchanted 10K

Disney Enchanted 10K

This year my friends and I decided to run the Disney Glass Slipper Challenge. The challenge started with the Enchanted 10K on Saturday morning.

I have run many races in Disney and most have been in VERY warm weather. Unfortunately there was a cold burst in Disney when we first got there so it was pretty cold the morning of the 10K. You wouldn’t know it by looking at us though. I shed all my layers and dealt with the cold. I mean it was 50 degrees compared to the 5 degrees it was at home!

Disney Enchanted 10K

We got on the bus at 3:30am. I wanted to make sure we got an early bus before there was a line. I also wanted to make sure we got there early so we could digest and go to the bathroom without feeling rushed.

Disney Enchanted 10K

We look pretty great at 4am!

Disney Enchanted 10K

We decided one of the best ways to stay warm would be to dance at the pre-party. There were a lot of people there and we even had time to wait on line to take a picture with Cinderella.

Soon they were announcing that everyone needed to head to the corrals. The 10K corrals were in the Epcot parking lot. We started in the last corral (E) so we had a while to wait. We wanted to be towards the front of the corral though so we went and stood inside.

That is when the cold kicked in. Walking around and dancing kept me warm, but once I had to stand still for more than a few minutes I was FREEZING! My fingers and toes were cold and I started to get tired.

Finally it was our turn and we were off!

The 10K took us through the Epcot parking lot. The beginning of the race was difficult. Since we were in the last corral there were a lot of walkers and we had to bob and weave through people. We eventually got going. It was our friend Stacy’s first 10K so we knew we were going to be doing a run/walk.

The first characters we saw were Anna and Elsa on the bridge over the race. They waved and said hello.

We were running down the highway at this point and the sun was starting to come up. At the turn around we saw the white rabbit and some card, but we didn’t stop. A little further down the road we looked back down and saw the balloon ladies. We knew we weren’t going to get swept, but there is still a sense of dread when you see them.

Disney Enchanted 10K

Then we saw Periwinkle and Tinkerbell! Cheryl and I knew we had to stop and take a picture with our twins! We told everyone to keep going and we would catch up. The line was pretty long and as we were getting towards the front a biker came up and told everyone the sweepers weren’t far away and some people should probably get off line.

Cheryl and I took our picture and then bolted down the road. We sprinted at about an 8 minute mile pace until we caught up with our group.

Disney Enchanted 10K

Next we headed in the back entrance of Epcot (near Norway). I decided to run ahead and look for characters. I figured I would stand in line so that when the group caught up to me we didn’t have to wait long. It worked out great! We saw Jiminy Cricket in Italy.

The only other characters we saw after that was Donald at the ESPN restaurant on the Boardwalk and then Princess Minnie near where you went back into Epcot. I raced past Donald around the Boardwalk to get in the crazy long line for Minnie. Even with that I was still 20 people away when the group caught up to me so we didn’t wait.

Inside Epcot was Goofy, but we didn’t stop for him either.

We headed around Spaceship Earth and across the finish line!

Disney Enchanted 10K

Everyone did a great job!

The race may have started out cold, but it warmed up right away.

Disney Enchanted 10K

Look we are flying!

Disney Enchanted 10K

The Enchanted 10K was a great way to start off the Glass Slipper Challenge!

What is your favorite 10K race?


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