Disney Enchanted 10K Costumes – Periwinkle and Tinkerbell

Enchanted 10K Costumes

I haven’t run a Disney race since January of 2014. Mind you we ran the Dopey Challenge so we ran 4 races in 4 days. I was very excited to run the Disney Glass Slipper Challenge because it was 2 races which meant making 2 costumes!

I don’t think I am amazing at sewing, but I think Cheryl and I are pretty damn good at making cute Disney themed running costumes…just saying.

We decided since we were running the 10K together we wanted to match. We have done most of the Disney duos so we were stoked to find out that Tinkerbell just discovered she has a sister Periwinkle!

Enchanted 10K Costumes

For Cheryl’s Periwinkle costume we started with a long t-shirt dress. We cut off the top and added elastic and then cut the bottom into a leaf shape.

Enchanted 10K Costumes

My amazing co-worker Laura painted the leaf pattern on Cheryl’s dress and also added veins to the tights we bought. She is a rock star!

Enchanted 10K Costumes

The tights we bought we not necessarily for running so we decided to reinforce them with extra elastic so they wouldn’t fall down.

Enchanted 10K Costumes

How awesome is that paint job!

Enchanted 10K Costumes

I bought a feather fabric at the fabric store and we sewed patches into the bottom of Cheryl’s skirt to complete her dress.

Enchanted 10K Costumes

I bought giant white pom poms at the store and we used elastic to put them on our shoes. Then we used a light, glittery fabric for straps. The wings we got from Sparkle Athletic! Ta-da!

Enchanted 10K Costumes

My dress was a little trickier. I couldn’t find a t-shirt dress that was the right color so I just bought green shiny fabric at Joann Fabrics. We fitted it with pins on me and then sewed the sides.

Enchanted 10K Costumes

After we had the dress fitted we put elastic in the top and then cut the bottom into Tinkerbell’s zig-zag bottom.

Enchanted 10K Costumes

I got the same light, sparkly fabric in green for my straps and white poms for my shoes. Now I am ready to run!

The best part….

Enchanted 10K Costumes

Periwinkle and Tinkerbell were on the course! How amazing is that? I have never seen them on a race course before so we HAD to stop and take a picture with them. They loved our costumes. I think we nailed it.

Who is your favorite fairy?


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