New Peter Pan’s Flight Queue

There are a lot of iconic rides is Walt Disney World.

One that tends to always have a long line is Peter Pan’s Flight in the Magic Kingdom. The ride originally opened in Disneyland in 1955. The original ride had the guest fly over the nursery, London, onward to Neverland and finally through Skull Rock. It featured Captain Hook, Smee, Princess Tiger Lily and the Crocodile. Guests were confused as to why the original ride did not feature Peter Pan himself.

In 1971 Peter Pan’s Flight opened in Disney World in Florida. It featured audio-animatronic characters (including Peter, Wendy and the Lost Boys). You ride in a pirate ship that flies through the nursery, over London, through the Lost Boys camp and over Mermaid Lagoon (keep an eye out for Ariel). Then you see Captain Hook and Peter Pan dueling, while Wendy is being made to walk the plank. It ends with their victory and Captain Hook balancing precariously on the Crocodile while Smee tries to rescue him.

The ride is great for all ages and is very popular with most Disney guests.

In recent years the lines for the ride have gotten out of hand. We usually try to snag a FastPass for it since the wait times can be hours on some days.

Recently the ride queue went under refurbishment. There used to be bathrooms around the back side of the building where the ride was located. They became obsolete when the new Tangled bathrooms were built so Disney decided to expand the queue inside and make it interactive for guests.

Since the queue was new I wanted to check it out. We decided to wait in line on Monday night since they kept the park open until midnight. The line itself was only about a 20 minute wait that late at night.

New Peter Pan Queue

When you first walk inside you enter a hallway lined with some really cool paintings. They have one of Neverland, Mermaid Lagoon, Captain Hook and an overview of London.

New Peter Pan Queue

We were very excited!

New Peter Pan Queue

Next you walk out into the Darling home backyard. You can see inside the window and Nana sitting outside. Right now they are using cutouts, but I hope they eventually upgrade Nana to an animatronic dog.

New Peter Pan Queue

You then walk inside the Darling home. You can see all their pictures on the wall.

New Peter Pan Queue

Finally you enter the nursery, which has a spectacular view of London at night.

New Peter Pan Queue

The ride queue winds around the nursery. You can randomly see Tinkerbell flying around. She opens up the toy chest and turns lights on and off.

New Peter Pan Queue

My favorite part of the whole queue was the interactive shadow wall. When you got to it there were either butterflies or bells. For the butterflies if you put your hand out they would land on your shadow hand. For the bells if you swung and hit the shadow bells they moved and made noise. It was a really cool part of the line, but also made the line longer than necessary. Everyone wanted to stop and try out the shadow wall which caused a bottleneck. It probably isn’t a big deal on days when the line is over an hour long, but on nights when it should be 10 minutes it took longer to walk through.

After the shadow wall you exited outside to the loading area of the ride.

I really liked the new queue. Disney is great with making standing in line fun. If you have time the next time you are in Disney I would definitely check it out, but try and go later at night when the lines are a little less crowded.


One thought on “New Peter Pan’s Flight Queue

  1. I think this is one of those issues were Fast Pass really wrecked how a ride is operated. This isn’t a ride that’s really supposed to be stop to accommodate a second line? Hence all the increased wait times. (There’s a great podcast about this somewhere and I need to remember where it is.) PP was not always quite THIS popular. Fantasyland is really the worst (in my opinion) because of FP. -e


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