DIY Painted Disney Pin Board

Pins are a big deal at Disney. You can find them all over the place!

Pin boards are also very popular with a lot of Disney patrons. They go year after year and collect pins and then display them on cork boards at home. My friend Kristen and her family have pin boards all over the house!

I like pins, but I am very selective. I buy ones that I really like and usually throw them on my backpack while I am in Disney.

In 2013 I was in Disney every few months running races. I kept my pins on my backpack because it was pointless to take them on and off. Unfortunately I have not been back to Disney since January 2014. Since keeping cool pins on a backpack in my closet seemed like a waste, I decided to go buy a small cork board to put them on.

It has been looking pretty sad so I decided to spruce it up!

Painted Disney Pin Board

I only have about 15 pins to display. A few I don’t even like and one is a Universal pin (sorry Disney).

Painted Disney Pin Board

My first step was to take down the board and remove all the pins.

Painted Disney Pin Board

I decided on a mint colored paint. Partly because I love this color and also because I had some lying around the house.

Painted Disney Pin Board

I found this really cool stencil at a craft store a few weeks ago. I figured since it was square it would fit perfectly and it did!

Painted Disney Pin Board

I set to work painting. I weighted one side of the stencil down so it wouldn’t move. I tried the dab approach at first, but it wasn’t really working so I dabbed then just painted back and forth to cover.

Painted Disney Pin Board

Once most of it was covered I took the weight off. The paint was stopping the stencil from moving and I made sure to hold it down while painting.

Painted Disney Pin Board

Once I was done I let it dry for a few minutes and then removed the stencil. It’s not perfect, but that is what makes it unique.

Painted Disney Pin Board

Once it was done drying I put my pins back on and hung it back up. I think it makes them stand out more and it adds some color to my room.

Any other designs you would paint?


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