Aladdin on Broadway

“You ain’t never had a friend like me.”

So a few weeks ago I finally saw Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway.


I have been wanting to see the show since I saw them perform at the Tony’s. The actor who plays the genie (James Monroe Iglehart) was amazing and won a Tony award for his performance.

We tried for a few months to coordinate schedules with my family. I finally just picked a date and hoped everyone could make it.

We went on a Wednesday evening performance.

I picked up my mom and aunt and drove into New York. I would usually take the train or bus, but the weather has been so crazy lately who knew how long it would take.

Aladdin on Broadway

Since Cheryl works in the city, she met us in Times Square.

We decided to get dinner near the theater. Cheryl found a place online called the Hourglass Tavern.

Aladdin on Broadway

It’s a relatively small place, but the food was AMAZING. Their house dressing I wanted to lick off the plate.

After dinner we headed to the theater.

Aladdin on Broadway

We got there a little before the doors opened. Usually there is a line outside, but they let everyone wait in the lobby which was great since it was cold out.

We got tickets in the orchestra and they were perfect.

When I sat down I opened my Playbill to see the saddest sight ever. The genie in that night’s performance was the understudy :( I was super bummed since he was the reason I wanted to see the show, but it’s Broadway and they rarely have horrible performers.

Aladdin on Broadway

Since we were there early I got some wine. It came in my very own Aladdin sippy cup!

Aladdin on Broadway

The show itself was amazing. The actor that played Jafar in the Disney movie (Jonathan Freeman) is Jafar on Broadway! I suggest seeing it soon while he is in it. It’s so cool!

The actor that played the genie was excellent. For someone to be able to dance and sing for A Friend Like Me was unbelievable.

The story line was a little different. Instead of Abu and Raja, both Aladdin and Jasmine have a trio of friends. I found out later that in the original story they were supposed to have friends, but it was later cut from the movie.

All the actors were amazing. The only person I wasn’t impressed with was the actress playing Jasmine. She sounded too much like a “Valley Girl” when she talked. Let’s be honest though, I could NEVER do what she does, so she was still amazing.

If you want to see a great version of a Disney classic, go see Aladdin on Broadway soon!

Have you seen Aladdin?


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