Kill Refurb Marry – Disney Sidekicks

This month’s topic for the very popular Kill Refurb Marry blog hop by Estelle and Melissa is Disney Sidekicks.

Kill – Iago


Even though Iago is pretty funny, he is just as evil as Jafar. The fact that he is voiced by Gilbert Gottfried doesn’t help. The voice just adds to how much you can’t stand Iago. Out of every Disney sidekick, he needs to go.

Refurb – Dory


I love Dory. She is such a sweet fish who only wants to help Marlin find Nemo. She may be a little scatter-brained, but she means well. I mean she speaks whale. Who wouldn’t want a friend like that around? I am hoping the new movie which is eventually come out (Finding Dory) will have her find her family and maybe even solve her memory problems.

Marry – Tigger


Well this one was obvious. I LOVE Tigger. He is my favorite character of all time and Pooh is lucky to have a friend like him. Some people might not appreciate his crazy antics, but he is adventurous and everyone needs a friend in their life that will help them have fun (even if they don’t want to).

I hope you enjoyed my choices. Are there any you would change?Kill Refurb Marry

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