Snowboarding at Hunter Mountain

So for our 30th birthday my best friend Cindy wanted to take Cheryl and I somewhere for the weekend.

She wanted to surprise us. Now I am not the biggest fan of surprises. I am a control freak so not knowing where I am going or what I am doing stresses me out, but I went with it.

A few days before Cindy let us know we were going snowboarding (I needed to know what to pack), but I had no clue where we were going.

Saturday morning she picked us up and we were off!

Hunter Mountain

I knew it was drivable, about 2 hours away, but we weren’t sure what direction.

We headed toward New York. I love the mountains, even though I hate winter.

Finally we arrived at Hunter Mountain! I have heard of it before, but have never been snowboarding there.

Hunter Mountain

Now I am a horrible snowboarder. I can go down the mountain, but not properly. I know how to stop which is VERY important. Usually I leaf my way down the mountain (back and forth) since I can’t carve.

We got in line for the lift to a green trail. It’s nice going with friends who just like to go. They don’t get mad about you being terrible or taking a while to get down.

Hunter Mountain

The lines for the lifts were pretty long, which was odd since the mountain itself didn’t seem like it had a lot of people.

Hunter Mountain

It was lightly snowing there which meant fresh powder. It’s nicer if you fall to fall on powder rather than ice.

Hunter Mountain

After going down the one green trail once I decided I wanted to get my board flopped. I ride goofy (right foot forward), but I wanted to see if regular would be better (left foot forward). We decided after to get lunch and then some beers at the bar.

Which getting beers we met a group of 4 guys from Ireland. They live in New York, but they all had accents. One of them was super drunk, but they were funny so we hung out at the bar for a while before we went back out.

My first attempt of the ski lift with my new binding settings was disastrous. I had just mastered getting off the lift, but this time I fell.

It took me a lot longer to get down the second time. I wasn’t used to the board, but I made it eventually.

After we decided to head to a long blue trail on the other side of the mountain.

Hunter Mountain

I got off the lift a little bit easier the second time, but the top of the mountain was SO WINDY and cold. It was so pretty though.

Hunter Mountain

Hunter Mountain

The blue trail was nice. It wasn’t crowded and it was all fresh powder.

Hunter Mountain

When we got down the mountain was starting to close so we headed into the bar for a drink before we left.

Our Irish friends were in there as well so we hung out and drank until it got dark. We didn’t want to leave too late because the roads there didn’t have lights and they were pretty steep and windy.

We went and checked into our hotel and then headed into town for dinner. We were staying in the town of Saugerties, NY. I looked online and found a place called the Dutch Ale House to eat at. We got a cab so we could drink a little.

Oddly enough a few months back when were were in the Catskills hiking Poet’s Ledge we ate at the exact same place! We had all completely forgotten the name, but the food was amazing so it was good.

Hunter Mountain

After dinner we walked around to see if there were any other bars, but most places only had a few people in it. It’s a small town and not many people were out.

It was so nice spending the day snowboarding and having fun with my best friends.

Hunter Mountain

Have you ever been snowboarding?


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