Throwback Thursday – 2013 Princess Half Marathon

This week seems to be going by pretty fast!

I cannot believe that in 13 days I will be on my way to Disney for the Princess Half Marathon!

In 2013 Cheryl and I vowed to run every runDisney race in Walt Disney World. The only one we didn’t do was the Everest Challenge. A few of our friends wanted to join us for the Princess Half Marathon. It was SO HOT in Florida in February, which I wasn’t really expecting. We all picked a Disney princess. I was Snow White, Cheryl was Jasmine, Jackie was Ariel, Michelle was Belle and Cindy was Cinderella.

2013 Disney Princess Half Marathon

I think everyone did an awesome job with their costume!

I am pretty much done with both of my costumes for this year. In 2014 they added the Enchanted 10K on Saturday and this year we will be participating in the Glass Slipper Challenge, which is both races.

I can’t wait to be in sunny, warm Florida after all this gross weather AND I can’t wait to show you my costumes!

Question: Have you ever run a Disney race? Which one?


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