Dirty 30!

Today is my 30th Birthday! It’s weird because birthdays are always just kind of blah, but this year was definitely a fun one.

On Saturday Cheryl and I decided to celebrate our birthday in New York City. We didn’t want to do any “clubs” because I am just not a fan of them or techno music.

We found a cool looking place online called Common Ground. They have board games and my contact said we could do a 3 hour $36 open bar, which in New York is fantastic!

Instead of going somewhere for dinner beforehand we just got sandwiches and pizza and invited people over our house.

30th BirthdayWhen my friend Marissa got there she said she had a surprise…it was an awesome running cake!

30th Birthday

After we ate and pregamed a little we all headed over the the train station. February is such a cold month and I hate the cold, but luckily we didn’t have to wait too long for the train.

30th Birthday

Once we got into New York the plan was to take the A,C,E down to the L and then to the bar. Unfortunately (it was going too well) the L wasn’t running so we had to take cabs and traffic was HORRIBLE so we were late to the bar. I hate being late, but we got there and that is all that mattered.

30th Birthday

I was so excited with how many people came to celebrate with us <3

My friend Billy who I rarely see made an appearance!

30th Birthday

High school reunion!30th Birthday

Cheryl’s kickball/volleyball friends came too!

30th Birthday

The bar was nice. They had a back “party” area with a huge couch that I reserved. We stood most of the night, but it was nice to sit and hang out too.

30th Birthday

I felt so loved and realized just how many great friends Cheryl and I have.

30th Birthday

30th Birthday

30th Birthday

The bar had a jukebox (which was broken) but they were playing an AMAZING playlist. Once some people left and there was more room to move around we even had a dance party.

30th Birthday

30th Birthday

30th Birthday

At 2am I had arranged a shuttle bus to come get us and bring us back to NJ. This way no one had to drive and we didn’t have to worry about train times or cabs home.

The driver got lost at first, but we paid to get us home (not by the hour) so I fell asleep and then we were home!

It was an awesome night with great friends. I am a lucky girl :)


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