If you live in the Northeast you know winters suck. January and February tend to be the worse months, filled with snow and ice.

On Friday I headed up to Stroudsburg, PA with some friends to see Andrew McMahon in concert. After the show we headed to a local bar, but around midnight we saw the snow starting to come down fast so we headed home.

The drive was intense and slow, but we made it home before the snow got too crazy.

Saturday proved to be a rough day. When I woke up there was a decent amount of snow so we cancelled crossfire and headed outside to shovel. It wasn’t too much snow to move which was nice.

Cheryl and I decided to spend all day making our 4 running costume for the Glass Slipper Challenge in Disney next month. Even though we spent all day, we still have some stuff to finish, but the bulk of the work is done.

Sunday was supposed to be our group run, but with the snow and black ice we told everyone to head to the gym. We only had to do 4 miles, so I figured I could handle the dreadmill that long.

Dreadmill Running

After the gym we got lunch at Panera and got ready for Sunday bowling. It is the last game we could make so I wanted to make :(


We have been betting every week. The person with the lowest score has to pay for a full beer tower and then everyone splits the other one.

My luck ran out this week and I had to pay :(

After bowling we headed to the bar. While playing beer pong I accomplished something I was told is very difficult…a tripod. The ball landed on the top of 3 cups at once. Everyone was cheering for me so it was fun.

Beer Pong Tripod

This morning I woke up to snow again and the threat of a blizzard heading our direction.

I chose to work from home since the snow is supposed to start in the late afternoon. I also went to get gas and ventured to Home Depot to watch people fight over the last snowblower (I just needed to get oil).

Snow Day

So now I am just waiting for this storm to hit. I really hope it’s not as bad as they say because I am short and shoveling snow over my head will be a challenge!

Snowpocalypse 2015!


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