15 DIY Projects in 2015

I love being crafty. There I said it. One of my favorite ways to de-stress is to do a DIY project. That being said, I am also a procrastinator.

I keep getting all these great ideas for things I want to DIY, but my follow-through is terrible. I mean it took me over a year to refurb the Singer Sewing Table, and I technically am not even finished with it yet.

So I have decided to give myself an actual list this year of my top 15 DIY projects I want to finish this year. Wish me luck!

15 DIY Projects for 2015

1. Cork Board Fun
I bought a square cork board a few months ago to put all my Disney pins on. Right now it is hanging up plain as can be. I already bought paint and a fun chevron pattern to spruce it up. Now I just need to actually do it!

01 Cork Board

2. Dresser Revamp
In our back room we have an old dresser. It was in my room when I was younger, but when we moved we stored it in the back. Now it just collects junk and the bottom two drawers are broken. I want to fix it up by removing the top drawer completely, putting in a bottom and using wicker baskets there. The bottom two drawers I want to fix and then I want to paint the whole thing. Once I am done with that I will add new hardware and maybe even give it a distressed look!

02 Dresser

3. Basement Ikea Dresser Facelift
For some reason whenever someone asks if I want furniture, I always say yes. In our basement we have a few old dressers, but one in particular I got from a friend from Ikea. It’s an old Malm dresser, but the top are two side by side smaller drawers. I want to paint the whole thing and add some hardware to spruce it up.

03 Ikea Dresser

4. Bookcase Love
My dad built my mom a bookcase back when they first got married. It used to be in the basement of our old house, but somehow it wound up in our garage for a long time and now it looks beat up. I want to give it some TLC. I haven’t decided if I want to paint it or just sand and restain it. I definitely want to add a pattern decal or wallpaper to the backing and put some small legs on it so it doesn’t rest on the floor.

04 Bookcase

5. Chest of Drawers
Also hanging out in our basement is an old chest of drawers. It is also just collecting junk so I want to help make it useful. I want to start by removing the top two drawers. Not sure yet if I want to make that whole area a hollow space, or just make them open shelves. Next I want to paint the whole thing and add new hardware.

05 Drawers

6. Old Tires Utilized
For some reason when my dad got new tires (back in the day) he kept the old ones. They have been collecting leaves behind our shed for years now and no one will take them (trust me I have looked). I have decided since we can’t get rid of them (legally) then we should do something with them. I found a great tutorial to turn them into foot rests! You just need some rope/twine, wood and legs. These might be great in the backyard or living room. I can even try and turn them into planters if that fails.

06 Tire Footrest

7. Pallet Coat Rack
Two years ago when my friend moved she was going to get rid of a pallet. Since I take stuff I don’t need I told her I would take it, and it has been sitting in my house since. I also got some old doorknobs from my cousin. They are hand painted and were too pretty to throw out. My plan is to use wood from the pallet and the knobs to make a coat rack.

07 Pallet Coat Rack

8. Beer Crate Table
I got my Miller High Life beer crate off Etsy last year. My original plan was to put it on the Singer base, but both were just too cool to put together. It’s in my room holding movies and random stuff. Now I want to find legs and make this beer crate a table. Maybe I can even figure out a way to make it a cooler in the summer!

08 Beer Crate Table

9. Tools Organization
My dad was the guy who always had the right tool you needed. When we were younger for Christmas we always bought him the latest tool gadget. Well we now have more tools than Home Depot. The problem is they are EVERYWHERE! I need to first get all of them together and organize everything. Then I need to build some sort of pegboard organizer so we know where everything is. Maybe even something that has drawers for all the screws, nails, nuts and bolts.

09 Tools

10. Bedroom Curtains
My room is odd. I have two windows, but both need short curtains. It is not easy to find short curtains so for the past few years I just double over the long curtains. I want to make my own blackout curtains to the height I need.

10 Curtains

11. Chalkboard Race Bib and Medal Holder
My race medals have gotten out of hand. Right now I have two medal racks and both of them are full. A few years ago I made myself a bib holder. I saw a cool one on Etsy that is a bib holder and a medal holder. The back is chalkboard so every PR you can write down!

11 Race Bib Medal Holder

12. Jewelry Holder
I don’t have a lot of jewelry, but I have enough. I bought a dinky spinning 3 sided holder a few years ago, but it takes up space on my dresser. I was trying to figure out what to do with the drawers from my Singer table and then I saw this tutorial and decided it would be a great way to use the drawers!

12 Jewelry Display

13. Bottle Opener
I am a big beer fan. One thing I have always wanted to make, but never could figure out how, is a bottle opener. This Miller Lite one is so cool I have to attempt to make it myself!

13 Bottle Opener

14. Mason Jar Vase
Now that I have my Singer table, I need to decorate it. I found a cool chevron rusted metal basket to put mail in, but I need something for flowers. I think mason jar vases are so cute so I want to make a few and get some fake flowers to spruce up the table.

14 Mason Jar Vase

15. Ladder Shelf
This will be my most intense DIY project. We have an old wire shelf in my bathroom downstairs. I would love to build something like this to replace it!

15 Ladder Shelf

Let’s not forget my window frame chalkboard for the kitchen and finishing up (to my standards) the Singer table. Those two I didn’t include because they are partly done.

Think I can do all of these DIY projects this year?


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