Ice Ice Baby

Have I mentioned that I hate the cold? Possibly once or twice?

This winter running/training thing is really getting annoying. I seriously loathe waking up to go run in 17 degree weather! Why do I keep putting myself through these runs? Well because if I didn’t run all the time I would still want to eat a lot and then none of my clothes would fit.

Fat Angelica

So lately I have been running indoors on the dreadmill. It’s crazy hot and I sweat like a maniac, but it gets the job done.

Running on the dreadmill

Unfortunately there are a bunch of us running the Princess Half Marathon which means group runs outside!

On Saturday I woke up and did crossfit at 8:00 AM.


I followed that up with a 10 mile run at Saddle River Park, because nothing says agony like doing a half hour of squats and push ups and then running for another 2 hours.

I do this to myself….


Even though it was cold it was at least sunny out on Saturday.

Sunday was a different story. I woke up to streets covered in sheets of ice. Seriously there were accidents everywhere!


So on the bright side we got some running in before the roads turned into skating rinks.

Anyone else training for a spring race in this horrible cold?


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