Black Fire with Bob Harper

Happy Monday! Today my sister Cheryl is guest blogging! She recently attended an event for work and wanted to share her experience. Hopefully I can get her to tell us all about the fun events she gets to attend on a more regular basis!


I just want to start off by saying that I love my job, especially the people, but one of the best parts are the events I get to go to. I’ve been to many media events during my time at SELF. Getting to meet people like famous runners, athletes, chefs and celebrities. However, the last event I went to was the best so far.


I met my coworker Bari at Crossfit Solace in midtown for an early morning sweat session. The class was being taught by none other than Bob Harper! He is working with DailyBurn to create Black Fire, a high-intensity workout over 60 days that you do in online videos led by Bob. Now I am a HUGE fan of crossfit. There are many reasons why the workout is great, but the main one is that every workout is different every single day. Having a different workout every day really doesn’t give you time to get bored.


For this Black Fire workout all we needed was a box and the scorecard to keep track of our reps. The workout was pretty simple (but very hard).

1) As many burpees as you can do for 2 minutes. Each burpee is done on one side of the box, then you jump or step over the box (as long as one foot touched the box on the way over) and then do your next burpee on the other side.

2) As many tricep dips off the side of the box as you can do for 2 minutes.

3) As many butterfly sit-ups as you can do for 2 minutes.

The entire workout was 18 minutes long. Plus, the best part? None of the Black Fire workouts are more than 20 minutes. We did 3 rounds of the moves without stopping.


My box wound up being front row center :) so I was right in front of Bob when he started the workout. He told us all about how the workout would be, the right form to use and the benefits of the program. After I heard everything we were going to do I realized that doing Crossfit at 5:30 AM before I went to this class was a very bad idea, but I toughed it out and we started the workout.


One of the funniest parts during the workout was that we were actually watching one of the DailyBurn videos, that Bob hosts, while we worked out. Pretty much how you would do it at home with Bob taking you through the moves and 3 CRAZY fit athletes doing all the moves with you. It was hysterical when on-screen Bob would say something and then real Bob would either answer him or say “That’s right Bob.” I bet he didn’t realize that he would be talking to himself when he woke up that morning.

Let me tell you, if anyone was thinking about doing this to get in shape, it is definitely worth it. This workout had me on the floor dripping sweat at the end of just 18 minutes. Now I do Crossfit at home 3 times a week and I work really hard at that, but having the athletes on screen saying how many they were doing really made me want to step it up and try to get that many reps as well.


After we were done I added up my reps to see that my grand total was 332. Not too bad for 18 minutes.


Bari and I got to snap a picture with Bob afterwards (he is so nice!) and then it was back to the office for us. If I had to workout with Bob every morning I would probably be in the best shape of my life!


Cheryl is the Senior Online Producer for She was invited to this event as a media representative.
All opinions are her own. 


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