Project Life 2015

Even though Project Life is time consuming and sometimes stressful, I loved the end product last year. I decided to make another album for 2015. The fact that I bought 2 albums originally also kind of sealed my decision.

This year I decided to change up how I post. Last year I posted my pages by taking a picture of each spread of the album on the floor of my room. The lighting was always terrible and I felt like it never did the pages justice. I envied the other blog posts I read where they had crisp white backgrounds to showcase their design.

This year I decided to make a template to place my cards in each week. This way the preview was crisp and clean. It’s a little more work. I used to design a few cards together on a sheet. Now I have to design each card separately, but in the end I think it makes me concentrate more on them.

Project Life 2015 Page 1

For my opening page I knew I wanted to use this layout with the 2015 across the middle. I also wanted to include a family picture and my resolutions. The other 2 cards I designed on a whim. I liked the phrases and how they represented starting a new year.

Project Life 2015 Week 1

Week 1

Project Life 2015 Page 2

Project Life 2015 Page 3

I wanted to make sure to incorporate more text cards this year. I made the currently card last year, but only used it once. This year I want to try and use it at the beginning of every month. Also instead of counting down the weeks I am just going to use a new month card at the beginning of every month. I also want to incorporate more filler cards and not have every space being used by a picture.

So how do you like my new design? I am still getting used to designing these pages. I see all these cute ideas all over Pinterest, but it’s making my pages cohesive that gets me sometimes.

Happy Friday!


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