Kill Refurb Marry – Disney Villains

It’s another month of Kill Refurb Marry! I love when Estelle and Melissa host this fun blog topic. It actually takes me a while to figure out who to choose for what!

This month the topic is Disney Villains.

Kill: Claude Frollo


This was the easiest choice for me. Frollo is my least favorite character of ANY Disney movie. He is just so evil and disgusting. How can someone hate the fun loving gypsies!?! Even though he sort of takes care of Quasimodo he is still mean to him and eventually tries to kill him.

Refurb: Hades


Hercules is my favorite Disney movie. I feel like Hades is just misunderstood. Yes he tries to have Hercules killed (multiple times) and yes he forces Meg to do his bidding, but he’s just so funny. His little one liners crack me up!

Hades Hair Out

Marry: Captain Hook

Captain Hook

There really aren’t any Disney Villains I would marry, but if I had to choose I would choose Captain Hook. He is suave and debonair. He just really can’t stand Peter Pan. Probably because Peter can fly and stay young forever and he can’t. Really my main reason for choosing Captian Hook is because of Hook in Once Upon A Time…drool.

Hook Once Upon A Time

Well that’s it for this month. I hope you enjoyed my choices and don’t forget to make a few of your own!

Kill Refurb Marry



2 thoughts on “Kill Refurb Marry – Disney Villains

  1. I love how all the OUT fans are picking Captain Hook … that show really turned that character’s fortune’s around. And Hades … of course! Hades! He’s so funny he’s barely a villain. And he doesn’t REALLY do anything that bad, in the end.


  2. haha yes, we had very similar thoughts! I also married Hook because of OUAT Hook ;) And I killed Frollo. I considered refurbing Hades, because he’s supposed to be the lord of the underworld but he’s really just a joke.


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