Old Window Picture Frame

So last summer we redid the windows in the front of our house. We used to have this giant evergreen bush in front of the house which we wanted to remove. The windows were old and cracked so we decided to do it all at once.

Window Picture Frame

When the window guys came to replace everything I asked them to save me some of the old window panes. I wanted to refurb them and keep them.

Window Picture Frame

They were old and the paint was cracked. The windows themselves used to open and closed on thick string rope.

My first step was to get rid of the string. I used pliers and scissors to make sure I got it all. It wasn’t too difficult once I got the knots out.

Window Picture Frame

Next I taped off and painted one side of the window. I decided to go with white.

Window Picture Frame

I tried to clean the glass panes as best as I could. There was a lot of old paint on them from years and years of painting them. I got most of it off.

Window Picture Frame

I printed some 4×6 pictures and bought double sided tape. I taped around the edge of the front of each of the photos and placed them into each frame.

Window Picture Frame

Then I hung it in the entryway into the house. I love this because I can change the pictures out whenever I need to and it’s a nice way to say welcome!


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