Snowy and Cold

Happy Monday! For me it’s not the best since I am sick :(

On Friday we got snow again here in the Northeast

Weekend Snow

Disney Princess Half Marathon training is still in full swing. Unfortunately getting the whole group together to go running on the weekends has been difficult.

On Saturday Cheryl, Jill and I decided to head to Saddle River Park to do 10 miles.

Weekend Snow

Luckily it was sunny out and they usually make sure the path is cleared. Sadly it was only 20 degrees out when we went so we had to layer up.

Weekend Snow

We started at the other end of the path in Saddle Brook. We did the small 3 mile loop first.

Weekend Snow

Then we headed back past our car and the park to continue on the path the rest of the 7 miles.

I love running this path. The scenery is always so pretty and one of my favorite parts is running the wooden bridge under the overpass.

Weekend Snow

Something about the wooden slats makes me feel like I am running on the boardwalk.

Cheryl wanted to do a walk/run, but with less walk parts. We would take a .25 walk break every 2 miles. The pace was a little slow for me since I have been doing a lot of speed work lately.

Weekend Snow

At the turn around point I was running a little in front of everyone. I was just in the zone and my book was getting really good so I wasn’t really paying attention. Cheryl told me to just go ahead so I picked up the pace the last 3.5 miles.

Weekend Snow

We parked by the lake and it was too pretty to not take pictures.

Weekend Snow

I hate running in the cold. Especially when I am training for a race in 80 degree heat. Running when it is this pretty though helps me keep my mind off of it.

Weekend Snow

The run was good since my last long run was 8 miles. Next weekend we told everyone they have to clear Saturday so we can make sure they all are doing well with training. We will probably do another 10 miler and the week after bump it up to 11 or 12.

Only a few more weeks until I am in sunny WARM Florida!


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