New Designs for SELF

I have been a busy bee in the design department recently (another resolution!) and I wanted to share some of it with you.

A few weeks ago I was approached by SELF to design some stuff for the web. Cheryl got me a “design interview” where I made some samples of ideas I had and they said they loved them! It’s nice to be validated in your work every now and again. Anyway I designed some Pin Cards (aka images for them to use on Pinterest to get people to visit the website) as well as some stuff for Instagram. I love designing new things, especially when I feel like everything I am doing lately has been the same over and over again.

My first assignment was for their promotion called “The 20 #SELFMade Moments of 2014”

Top 20 Self Made Moments of 2014 Pin Cards

I love the way they came out. I used a brush for the background of the text and had fun playing around with their fonts to make it stand out.

Next I worked on their new “Time Makeover” initiative. It’s their January program on how to better manage your time. They teased it first with some Instagram quotes and the hashtag #TimeMakeover

Time Makeover

Time Makeover

Time Makeover

They had specific fonts and colors they wanted me to stick to, but it was fun playing around with the font sizes. They used them on Instagram and on their Facebook page.

Also as part of “Time Makeover” I made some Pin Cards.

Time Makeover

These were fun as well. The images were provided for me, but I just love giving it my own special touch.

These were fun projects and I am not done! I have a few more I have finished for them, but they haven’t used them yet so I will wait to show you!


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