Singer Sewing Table

Well I am doing pretty well with one of my resolutions…the finish something I start one.

After New Years we always take down our Christmas decorations before we have to get back to the daily grind. This year my mom wanted to move a bunch of stuff around in the house. We had a bar downstairs that we never use, but we entertain a lot upstairs so she wanted to move that into the dining room. We also had two of my grandmothers old bookcases we had in our basement until it flooded. Now they are hanging out in our back room collecting dust so she wanted to move one into the living room. Then she wanted to move our very unused desk into the basement where the bar was…very confusing, but practical.

During all of this crazy furniture moving we wound up with an empty wall in the dining room. It was then that I decided I needed to finally finish my Singer Sewing Table.

In the spring of last year I found the table at the Philadelphia extension of the Brooklyn Flea Market.

Singer Table 1

It was just sitting there. Out in the open with a $10 price tag! The top was in shambles, but the base was still in amazing condition.

I brought it home and it sat in my garage all summer. I kept meaning to work on it, but moving it myself was impossible.

Memorial Day weekend I finally hauled it out into the sunshine and got to work.

Singer Table 2

I really wish I could have saved the top, but it was so disgusting and falling apart. I decided to remove the sewing machine (which was also disgusting) and then remove the top from the base.

Singer Table 3

The machine itself was pretty rusted, but the design on it was so pretty. Trying to clean the rust off rubbed off some of the design, but most of it is still intact.

Singer Table

Now it was on to the base. It was completely brown with rust and dirt. I took a brillo pad to it and got most of the rust off. My next step was to spray paint the whole thing black, but I didn’t have time that weekend.

Which brings me to now. I still didn’t spray paint the base. I really don’t want to be outside in the snow and cold spray painting.

Instead I decided to go to Home Depot and get a nice piece of wood. My original idea was to get an old barn or regular door that was distressed as the top. I haven’t had much luck finding it though, so regular wood it was.

Singer Table

I found a really great piece of 2×4 plywood. The color was ok, but I wanted it darker. I bought a stain/finish in one in mahogany and got to work staining the top. I did the bottom first and then I flipped it over, attached it to the base with 4 screws and then stained the top.

Singer Table

I think it came out better than expected! The size fits perfectly in the corner we needed to fill. I am going to put the sewing machine on it along with some other nicknacks, maybe some flowers or candles or something.

I am just so glad I finally finish it! Even though I want to change it eventually, now I can show it off.


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