My 2015 Resolutions

So I am really not the resolution person. I don’t start off every year with wishful thinking….because honestly if I did I think I would disappoint myself. This year I decided to pick a few things that I want to work on for 2015. Not necessarily a “I have to do think or I fail” situation, just things I think would help me in life if I did them.


1. Read More: Every year I say I am going to read more books. Back when I first started working I read like a fiend. I would sit in my car (or at the outside picnic table) at lunch in the summer and read. It was a nice way to disconnect from work for a little and get lost in another world. Lately I have just been running around at lunch (sometimes literally) between the gym and errands that I have neglected reading. I need to stop and take time to read. I have been trying to get through Game of Thrones for months now. I want to try and dedicate at least a half hour every night before bed to read. This way I can’t use the “I’m too busy” excuse.

2. Take More Steps: I have been using my Jawbone consistently for a while now. On days when I actually get to the gym I can get to almost 10,000 steps (my daily goal) but on most days I barely hit 5,000. I want to make it a goal to hit AT LEAST 5,000 a day. Even if I have to walk around the parking lot at lunch or around my neighborhood when I get home. More steps = more exercise.

3. Design/Craft More: Part of this blog is a creative outlet for me. I have been working for the same company for almost 8 years now. A lot of the daily work I do is pretty monotonous. I have my Etsy shop, but I don’t put too much time into it with all the other work that I have. This year I want to make it a priority to design more (for fun or to sell on Etsy) and craft or DIY more. I have my Whimseybox subscription which helps me craft a little, but I have so many things I want to do. I have to make time to do them.

4. PR in the Half Marathon: In 2010 I ran my faster half marathon (in 1:56:49) and my fastest marathon (in 4:21:42). Since then my weight has increased along with my running pace. This year I want to go back to basics in running. I used to do a lot of speed work in my training and running on the treadmill in the winter was just another day of training. I want to get back to that an PR in the half marathon. I think it will help me with my weight loss goals (which I have every year) and get me back into my running groove.

5. Finish What I Started: I am a project queen. I have so many ideas running around in my head. Sometimes I even get the materials to start one of these projects, but rarely do I finish them (unless they come complete in a little box). This year I want to finish what I start. Whether it’s refinishing a set of drawers, making a coat rack or even updating my online portfolio. This goal will even help with my design/crafting more goal. Win win!

So those are my 5 goals for 2015. If I even get some of them slightly accomplished I think this will be a very productive year!


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