Instagramming December 2014

Happy New Year!

December has come and gone and it is now 2015! I cannot believe we are in another year. The year that I turn 30! Crazy to think about, but I am optimistic about the year ahead.

Here is a look at the last month of 2014.

Instagramming December

1. Laura came with me into NYC to learn how to shoot/edit video for work.
2. I overcame my fear of box jumps (for a day at least).
3. I rejoined Weight Watchers and their new ad campaign is so pretty and motivational. I love typography
4. I had a crafty month making ugly christmas sweaters for our 5K.
5. I got my very first Stitchfix and cannot wait for my next one.
6. I got lots of goodies from coworkers for the holidays. Booze and chocolates.
7. We had our work holiday party which was…interesting.
8. Our Princess Half Marathon group trained at Saddle River Park.
9. Christmas with my family is always the best.
10. After Christmas we headed to Vermont to snowboard, hike and drink. It was a great weekend with friends.
11. After my adventure I got a much needed car wash. I am sure after all the snow I need another one.
12. We went to see Into the Woods and on the way home my maps though we were in Russia?

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I am completely exhausted, yet also well rested. Is that possible? Now it is back to the daily eat, work, exercise, sleep routine.


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