Long Trail Brewery

One of my favorite things to do in a new place is find the local brewery. I have been to many a brewery in my day. Large ones like Miller Coors and Budweiser and even small ones like Sweetwater, Sam Adams, Steamworks and Brooklyn Brewery to name a few.

On our recent trip to Killington, Vermont we made sure to stop in to the Long Trail Brewing Co. Our original plan was to go there Friday night, but it closes at 7:00pm and we didn’t get there until after that. After a long day of boarding on Saturday we decided to shower and change quickly so we could stop in before it closed. 7:00pm for a brewery to close seems silly to me, but we made it in time.

Long Trail

We literally pulled into the parking lot at 6:40, fully expecting them to turn us away. We were happy when they sat us down as we walked in the door and said that the kitchen closes at 7:00pm, but they serve until the last table leaves.

Long Trail

The bar area of the brewery was very cute. It had an awesome chalk menu board and it was still very festive for the holidays.

Long Trail

They even dressed up their moose head on the wall! Jill fit right in with the decor.

We sat down and decided to order some chips and queso since we were starving. The cheese was gooey and delicious, but they never do give you enough chips to finish it all.

We also all decided to order the sampler (aka flight) of beer. If offered I always get the sampler because it’s a great way to try all the craft beer without committing to a full glass.

Long Trail

I loved that the sampler glasses were served in muffin tins. So smart! They also gave us each a little tasting sheet to tell us what the differences were in the beers as well as the ABV (Alcohol by Volume) and IBU (International Bitterness Unit). My system for a sampler is to taste each beer first and then drink them in order of my least favorite to my most favorite. This way I am ending with a beer I really like that stays on my tongue.

I must say, even though it was the darkest, my favorite was the Black Rye IPA. It was kind of like a Guiness, but with the flavor of an IPA. Definitely a winner in my books! I didn’t really dislike any of the beers, but my drinking order (from least to most favorite) was Long Trail Ale, Double Bag, India Pale Ale, Limbo IPA, Sick Day IPA and Black Rye IPA.

Long Trail

By the time we were done the bar was pretty much cleared out and the staff was cleaning up. I felt a little rushed so I didn’t take the self-guided brewery tour like I had wanted to. Definitely need to check that out next time I am there!

Long Trail

Cheryl brought along her new hyroflask growler so we could take some beer home with us too! If you are ever in Vermont make sure to check out this brewery.


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