Fall Down and Get Back Up!

I hope everyone had an awesome holiday! My Christmas was nice. Nothing too crazy, but I love spending time with my family <3 We literally had movie time where we watched Frozen and it was amazing.

Christmas 2014

The day after Christmas we headed up to Vermont. I attempted snowboarding in college, but I was not good at it. I gave up shortly after (even though I had all the equipment) and have been meaning to try it again now that I am more athletic. My friend Cindy loves to go and has been trying to convince us for a while. We figured why not make a vacation out of it and head to Killington, Vermont!

Cheryl and I left around 3:30pm to meet Cindy and Jill there. Cheryl got a GoPro for Christmas and we were so excited to try it out!


That night we decided to try a place Cindy had been to before called The Wobbly Barn. It is famous in Killington and was close to our hotel. I had eaten a late lunch so I decided on an ahi tuna appetizer and their soup/salad bar for dinner. The food was really good. I love salad bars where you can make a different meal every time you go up.

After dinner we headed upstairs where they had a live band playing. With dinner we got comped the $10 each to get in upstairs which was nice.


We all had the local beer, Long Trail and danced a lot. The band was pretty good, but there weren’t many people out that night.


We even attempted to use the GoPro in the bar. It doesn’t do well in low light unless you keep it very still.

We headed back around 12 so that we could rest up for the next day. I went on a beef jerky hunt with my friend Cindy (to no avail) but other than that it was a chill night.

The next morning we got up early and headed downstairs for the hotel’s complimentary breakfast. Not even like a continental breakfast bar, you order what you want and they served it to you AND it was free! The hotel we stayed at (Mountain Sports Inn) was really nice and the staff was so friendly. After breakfast we headed upstairs to get ready.


We headed across the street to wait for the shuttle that drives along the access road. We must have just missed it because it was taking forever and we didn’t see one. We finally decided to just drive there because I had bought a lesson and I didn’t want to be late.


Seeing as I have not attempted to snowboard in over 5 years I thought taking a lesson would be a refresher.


It would have been a great idea had it been any other weekend then the one after Christmas. The mountain was packed and the lessons were sold out. My main focus was trying to not hit people on the lesson hill…let alone remembering or learning how to carve. At least it got me more confident on my feet after not doing it for so long. I am pretty sure I snowboard wrong (my board is set to goofy and I think I might be regular) but that is something I will eventually figure out.


After my lesson I met up with the girls and we headed up and over to another lodge for lunch. I was a lot more comfortable getting off the lifts too, which used to give me panic attacks.


The lodge was packed, but Jill snagged us a table. I had a pulled pork sandwich and a beer. The food was pretty tasty for mountain food. Sometimes it is hit or miss.


By the time we were finished with lunch it was close to 2pm. Cheryl and Cindy headed up to Killington Peak. I decided to stay further down the mountain (on green trails) since I was still shaky.


It was a winter wonderland at the top so I am kind of bummed I didn’t get to see it, but they said the trails were very narrow and steep so it’s a good thing I skipped it. Next time!


Jill went with me to a lower peak and the views were amazing! The air was so crisp and the sky was so blue!


We felt like we were on top of the world!


My picture even got featured on the Self instagram :)


We headed down a really long green trail that cut through blue and black trails. It was pretty nerve wracking and tiring so after we took the lift back to the main mountain and went down our final hill of the day back to the lodge.

In the last few minutes of my day some obsessed dad following his daughter with his iPhone completely cut me off and I slammed down hard on my butt. It was painful and made me realize if I keep going I need to invest in a helmet…some people just don’t look out for others.


Once we got back to the lodge we headed inside to get some more beers and boozy hot chocolates to end our fun day on the mountain.

I must say I felt a lot better after going this time. I think I have better balance and control over the muscles I need to use for snowboarding. I need to figure out my footing and how to carve, but I think I might try to go more this season.


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