Running Saddle River Park

The holidays make every day seem like it flies by. I have a million things rushing through my brain that I need to get done and BAM! it’s bed time.

We decided to do our long training run on Saturday. A bunch of people (including Cheryl and I) were going away that night and we didn’t want an excuse to miss another long run (thanks hangover!)

It wound up just being Jill, Kristen, Cheryl and myself. We had an 8 mile run scheduled so we decided to head to Saddle River Park. Saddle River Park is a great place to run, bike, walk, whatever outdoorsy thing you want to do. The path runs from the Ridgewood Duck Pond down 6 miles to Saddle Brook. The path is very well maintained and very scenic. It runs along the river and there are always people out exercising. Along the path are park areas, dog parks, bathrooms and kids play areas.

We decided to start at the Ridgewood Duck Pond and do an out-and-back. We would run 4 miles down the path and then turn around and run back. My watch was not linking to the satellites so I used the Nike+ app on my phone instead.

Saddle River Park

I had not been running on the path for a while, but I was thrilled to see they had recently paved most of it. It’s nice to run on asphalt, but not have to run in the road.

Jill and I crept ahead of Kristen and Cheryl. We are going to be running the half together and everyone else is doing a run/walk so I want to practice with her at a faster pace.

Saddle River Park

It had been raining all week (and even looked it all day) so there were a lot of geese out.

Saddle River Park

On our way back we saw Cheryl and Kristen and they were not too far behind! Teamwork is always the best way to get through long runs.

Saddle River Park

The river itself is so cool to look at. You run past this little waterfall and over a bunch of bridges. The path has some hills along it, so it’s not some flat road. Makes it a challenge, but easy to run away from traffic and no stop lights!

Saddle River Park

This was my longest run since the marathon and the longest run in a while for Jill and Kristen. It was cold out and our legs started to get numb towards the end so we took some walk breaks. All in all not a bad run, but I want to increase the pace for Jill and I for the Princess Half.

Saddle River Park

I love that my friends are runners now!


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