My Very First Stitch Fix!

So after months and months of seeing posts online about all these personal shopping websites, I finally decided to join the crowd.

I decided to go with Stitch Fix. I have seen a lot of other bloggers get really cute stuff from there and there is no commitment, just a $20 styling fee that is applied to any items you keep.

I filled out my profile in November. I tried to be as detailed as possible so I would get pieces I liked. I set my first order for this week (it was the first available shipment time).

Stitch Fix December

I was excited when I got home today and there was a cute box of stuff waiting for me!

I also really liked the card inside that tells you about each product in your box, how to style it, and a little not from my personal stylist Christine.

Stitch Fix December

Now for my pieces! Please disregard my horrible hair. I had it in a braid all day and this is what it does. I also realized I really have nowhere in my house to take pictures that doesn’t have crap everywhere. Mission next month is to clean up an area (not in front of my window).

Stitch Fix December

My first piece was a Lauree 3/4 Sleeve Vneck Drape Dress. It fit nice, but it was just so plain. I would have loved it a lot more if it had some kind of pattern on it. Sending back.

Stitch Fix December

Next up was a Moni Stud Detailed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse and a pair of Paige Skinny Jeans. In the box I thought the top was cute, but not a fan of it on. I just don’t like the box design in the front. Kind of reminds me of a pilgrim. The jeans were comfortable, but big. This is a problem I always have. Bigger thighs, smaller waist. Both of these I am sending back.

Stitch Fix DecemberWho doesn’t love a good scarf? I fell in love with this Henry Birds on Branch Infinity Scarf as soon as I opened the box. Perfect for any season and birds! A keeper!

Stitch Fix December

The last piece was a Rhonda Knit Back Faux Leather Jacket. It’s very comfortable and fits nicely. It’s not very practical for the upcoming winter months, but I could definitely use a good jacket for the spring and fall. This is definitely something I can wear out. Another keeper!

So out of the 5 pieces in my first Stitch Fix I am keeping 2. Not horrible, but I am definitely going to write a detailed review on the website. Hopefully next month I will get even more pieces I love.

I think this is going to be a problem for my wallet….

Find out more about Stitch Fix here!


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