Apple iPods…What are they worth?

So every morning I watch NBC 4 news while getting ready for work. One news story they mentioned this morning caught my attention. It was about iPods….

Apple has been making iPods since 2001. I mean I really can’t believe that the first one was only made in 2001! That’s only 13 years ago! The original iPods were not as popular as Apple products are today. I didn’t get one the bandwagon until my sophomore year of college in 2004. At the time I finally got my first Apple computer (a Mac mini) and all the accompanying Apple software. My first iPod was the new iPod classic with a color screen. It has 20GB of storage on it and could fit most of my music. It looked like a brick, but I loved it!

In 2007 my music collection had grown exponentially. My friends and I all shared music and I wanted to have ALL my music with me at all time. I decided to upgrade and get the newest iPod with 160GB of storage. This new iPod was amazing compared to my older one. The interface was much more advanced as well as the graphics for album covers. You could also put video on it.

After I graduated college I started running. All my music was on my iPod classic and even though it was smaller and lighter than my original iPod, it was still heavy to carry around. I decided to invest in a running iPod, the iPod Nano. It was the 4th generation of iPod Mini, but it came in yellow and it was small. It only had 4GB of storage, but it was enough for the music I wanted to run to. I bought an arm band and wore my new iPod Mini with pride.

After a particularly sunny and hot race, I had a HORRIBLE iPod armband tan line. It took months for it to go away and I decided I needed something even smaller that I could hide and not have to wear an armband. So of course I invested in the newer (and cheaper) iPod shuffle. It clipped right onto my clothes so no armband necessary! It fit just enough music to listen to while running.

After the iPhone came out my iPods went to gather dust in a drawer. I had everything I needed all in one device. Why carry multiple ones around, right?

So you want to know why I told you my iPod buying story? Well this morning the news was talking about how old iPods (especially the classic) are going for $100s of dollars on Ebay and Amazon! When I heard that I was like hmmm…I think I still have all my old iPods around here somewhere.


Low and behold I realized I still had EVERY SINGLE ONE. I mean back when I was buying these there was no trade-in program like they have now.

My oldest iPods classic doesn’t turn on. A screen with a folder pops up and it says to go to lol. My 6th generations iPod classic still works amazing. All my music is still on it too! I used to keep it in my car for long road trips. Even though my iPhone holds music, it can’t hold ALL my music and sometimes you just want to mix it up.

I am seriously contemplating putting that one on line to sell. What do you think!?! I checked online because I know Target does an electronics buyback program, but they will only give me $27 for it.

I never thought something that I owned would ever be considered “vintage” or valuable in my lifetime!


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