Kill Refurb Marry – Disney Parks Souvenir Shops

So every month when Estelle and Melissa do their Disney Kill Refurb Marry I always want to participate. I must say though that a lot of the time I really can’t decide on certain rides/places so I chicken out.

Kill Refurb Marry

This month they are showcasing Disney Souvenir Shops and I decided I had to do it! One thing I do in Disney constantly when I am there is visit the many shops. I love going in and seeing what is new. So here goes nothing!

Sorcerer Hat Shop – Hollywood Studios

Sorcerer Hat Shop

I know the group of people that hate/love the hat is split. I, for one, am so glad it’s going away. Don’t get me wrong, I have taken a number of pictures in front of the hat, but enough is enough. I mean I remember going to Hollywood Studios (back when it was MGM) and the view of the theatre from the gates was always so pretty. Then they added that damn hat and never got rid of it. The shop was also pretty dumb. I like pins, but the only thing I ever bought there was a very over-priced poncho during a monsoon once. Glad to see it go.

Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. – Magic Kingdom (Tomorrowland)

I am a huge space lover. Even though it’s old, Space Mountain is one of my top rides. I took a bunch of Astronomy classes in college and I can tell you if the moon is waning or waxing…nerd alert! Anyway this shop is where you end up after Space Mountain. Most people just shuffle right out the doors. I would love it to be more “spacey” and refurbed. I would definitely buy more here if they had better stuff too.

World of Disney – Downtown Disney

World of Disney

My love for this store is beyond compare. I always find what I am looking for (and sometimes what I didn’t even know I wanted). I make a point to ALWAYS visit World of Disney when I am in Florida. Even in November when I went to Universal I still drove to World of Disney because I needed a fix (now I sound like a junkie).

Writing this post has made me so sad that I have not been to Disney (like for real for real Disney) since January, but makes me uber excited for my trip coming up in February!

There are a bunch of bloggers joining in! You can check out other picks or do one of your own!


2 thoughts on “Kill Refurb Marry – Disney Parks Souvenir Shops

  1. Hi Jess! And welcome!! (And never chicken out … we’re nice!)
    I am so surprised by your marry … that store totally overwhelmed me with its size. But I *DO* love the adorable Mickey hands for the hangers in the dressing rooms. <3


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