Marbled Clay Jewelry Dish

So a few weeks ago I showed you how I learned to make my own marbled jewelry from Whimseybox.

After making all the pieces for my necklace and earrings I noticed I had a lot of leftover clay. The day before I had pinned a tutorial from A Beautiful Mess on how to many your own clay ring dish. I went online and checked the tutorial and low and behold I had the clay I needed!

Marbled Clay Jewelry Dish

As I was waiting for the oven to preheat for my jewelry I got to work making my jewelry dish so that everything could bake together.

I started by heating the clay in my hands like I had for the jewelry. Then I rolled each color into long rolls.

Marbled Clay Jewelry Dish

Next I twisted the two colors together.

Marbled Clay Jewelry Dish

After that I just kept rolling and molding the colors together until I got a marble effect that I liked. I love the splotchy marble look.

I rolled the new marble clay out into a a 1/4″ thick sheet. Next I took a bowl and tried to cut the clay into a circle shape. Then I put the circle into a baking dish slightly smaller than my circle so the ends would be higher in a “bowl” shape.

Marbled Clay Jewelry Dish

Then I threw it onto the same baking sheet as my jewelry and baked everything together!

When it was done baking I let it cool and then popped it out of the dish. I flipped it upside down and tapped on the bottom until it popped out.

Marbled Clay Jewelry Dish

In the A Beautiful Mess tutorial they have you paint the edge with gold paint. That I did not have, but I did have the crystals from my jewelry. I decided to use the glue around the edge and put the crystals all over it.

Marbled Clay Jewelry Dish

I think it came out pretty nice. Kind of a wintery looking dish.

I definitely want to try this with other brighter colors. I already looked at the craft store and I think I know which ones I want to get.

This was such a fun and easy tutorial!


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